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Pirate Radio


We wouldn’t usually gush over a Mini mini-truck, but the upcoming Countryman has one feature that’s got us interested: a very large radio dial.

When the Mini Countryman hits the market later this year, each model will come with a web radio plugged direct into the dashboard, which means you’ll be able to tune into just about any radio station in the country, along with a growing cohort of podcasts.

We’ve been excited about streaming radio for a while—largely because of New Orleans’ WWOZ and New Jersey’s WFMU, which we otherwise could never manage to catch at the same time—but listening to the radio on a tabletop device will only get you so far. For the past couple decades, the dashboard has been the most important place to have a radio, and it looks like it’s about to take a big step forward.



The britmag Monocle has been churning through media pretty quickly, but they’ve finally gotten around to radio. Well, podcasts to be specific, but there’s definitely a BBC/NPR sheen to the latest product.

The first week’s topics include Norwegian finance and the philosophy of happiness, but it’s all more or less what you’d expect from an issue of Monocle, audio or otherwise. Of course, they’re coming a little late to the party, and we can’t help but feel like the public-radio ambition (right down to the piano jazz!) is inspired by a bit of friendly competition between Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé and Wired’s Kurt Andersen, currently working on NPR’s Radiolab.

Hear the first broadcast here.