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Play Pals

  • Jared Paul Stern

With a $500 price tag, its own velvet-lined suitcase and more melons than the fruit aisle at Whole Foods, *Playboy*'s limited edition *The Complete Centerfolds* book we told you about last November was one of those overly-ambitious ventures - much like the seven girlfriends - that seem to characterize Hef's evening years.

Now however, perhaps responding to market pressures, they've released a more recession-friendly edition without all the bells and whistles, but still including every single strumpet to grace the famed gatefold since 1953 - over 600 of them to be exact. Presented chronologically in large format, it's remarkable to chart the progression of soft porn aesthetics over the decades, changing with tastes and times. One thing's for certain, however: melons have been in season for 50 years.