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The Focus Is Soft


A Good Trench Will Make You a Spy: Marisa Zupan goes all Nerd Boyfriend on this year’s Best Actor nominees—including one of our favorite pairs of glasses. [The Significant Other]

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Going Big: A trad’s case for big plaids, outside of the Pitti crowd. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

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Scenes From the Capsule Show

The trade show/blogger convention known as Capsule has come and gone, and apart from a few stand-outs (which you’ll be hearing about in the weeks to come), it was a blur of handsomeness: plaid after plaid, camo after camo, and more good ideas than we’ve ever seen in one place.

So we thought we’d pass on the menswear headrush in the best way we know how—lots and lots of photos.

Our favorite photos from Capsule, including Monitaly, Velardi and a certain vintage Brooks Brothers jockey helmet…»

The Hippest Teddy Bear on Earth

Gifts are hard—especially when the acquaintance involved is too young to appreciate a bottle of bourbon—so we were pleased to see these aggressively plaid teddy bears come down the transom. They come from Head Porter, where they’re surely savvy enough to remember when Comme des Garçons was splashing the same tartan on everything in sight. The result is one of the hipper toys you can give—assuming the parents are in on the joke.

Blank Check

summer plaids

File this one under “summer plaids.”

Granted, it’s not the first pastel-hued windowpane check you’ve seen this summer, but it’s one of the better ones. And more importantly, it’s on sale.

And since you’ve got a minimum of four colors working through the check, you’ll have a lot of options in terms of pairing it up. The classic navy blazer will play off the dark blue stripe, while your khaki suit plays off the small horizontal stripe running across your chest. Even a white blazer will have something to play off, thanks to those tiny squares above and below the pocket.

And if you happened to have a sea-foam-colored cardigan…

Eva Green Would Like You To Zip Her Up

The Monks are Double: An interview with the gents behind Run of the Mill shop, and those cutaway oxfords that have been making their way around. [SwipeLife]

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Nice Try, Firehose: A personal essay offers a glimpse into the private pain of the well-endowed. An excerpt: “I don’t hate my big penis. I just hate what having a big penis means to everyone else.” We've all learned something today. [Good Men Project]

Michelle Williams is in Need of a Massage

The Persistence of Plaid: Ray Smith explains why plaid has stuck around. [WSJ]

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This Year's Plaid


As a followup to our Fall layering manifesto, we thought we’d draw your attention to this wool scarf from Browns that should be the perfect accompaniment to that tweed jacket we’ve been furiously urging you to purchase.

The bright blue means it’s a good deal more eye-catching than the standard gray and brown versions—and you’ll have an extra reason to pair it with heavy denim. But most importantly, it’s got the homegrown British tweediness that made the look worthwhile to begin with, and it’s important to get your tweediness straight from the source.

Plaidfest 2010


We usually try to keep a healthy remove from the sample sale hustle, but if you’re at all in the market for something plaid, you should swing by the Steven Alan online sample sale. For our money, they’re the best plaid button-downs on the market—here’s a dated but worthwhile look into why, if you’re curious—and for today and tomorrow, you can pick up plaids for $68 that you’d normally be lucky to find for under $100. Happy hunting.

Plaid and Simple


Tom Ford’s latest Fall line has a lot of noteworthy goodies—including Moncler-style bubblegooses, windowpane suits and Matthau-esque check undershirts—but what stood out to us was this mildly costume-y velvet-and-plaid ensemble.

Most of the garments in question can be traced back to Mr. Ford’s well-documented yen for the mid-70s, but the tartan pants reach all the way back to the days of Leave it to Beaver. The jacket’s pure Hefner—familiar territory, to be sure—but it’s easy to forget that Hugh started out in the 50s too, even if it was more the decade of Henry Miller than Fred McMurray. Apparently Mr. Ford remembers.

One More Time


The shacket has been a hipper-than-thou staple in New York circles for some time—here’s the culprit, if you were wondering—but it mostly stuck to equestrian tweed and aside from a few flagship models, there wasn’t too much variation.

Luckily, Band of Outsiders is picking up the mantle with this heavy plaid shirt, which arrived today in Blackbird. It makes sense, since you can find that quasi-Buffalo check on both overcoats and button-ups. And while you can wear it in place of a blazer, like the gentleman in the picture, in less wintry times you can also throw it on over a light t-shirt and count on the lining to protect you against any errant breezes. It’s one trend that definitely deserves its second act.



Naturally, the most interesting folks at Dressed to Kilt weren’t necessarily on the runway. And while we saw our share of kilts, the more common choice was just to throw in as much plaid as possible as a more inventive way of staying true to Scotland. Which lead to some interesting choices…

Think of it from a sporting perspective: whoever wears the most plaid and looks the best wins. It’s not a bad sartorial challenge, and the result was nothing short of enlightening.

Our takeaway? Without fail, the best dressed gentlemen in the crowd were rocking plaid blazers and bowties. We saw the occasional kilt too, but as far as mainstream style items, we’d put our bets on tartan jackets first.