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Epcot Uomo

  • Eric Twardzik
Epcot Uomo

This is my brother Ryan. He didn’t get tickets to Pitti Uomo this year. So we packed a DB blazer and some light-wash jeans and took it to the next best thing to actual Italy—Epcot’s Italy.

This is Epcot Uomo.

Your Pitti Uomo Primer: From A to Z

  • Kempt Staff


The international menswear cognoscenti are descending upon Florence as we speak, for the 84th installment of Pitti Immagine Uomo.

And as any well-read menswear enthusiast will tell you, it pays to know what exactly all the fuss is about (especially if you find yourself flipping through Tumblr or in a heated debate with your tailor in the next few days). So with that in mind, we’ve prepared an A-to-Z primer of talking points and trivia that should get you through the semi-annual spectacle of peacockery.

Herewith, the ABCs of Pitti Uomo.»

Umit Benan, Trussardi and Why It All Matters

  • Najib Benouar


You may have heard the news of the recent split between Umit Benan and Trussardi ringing across #menswear land over the past few days (it only became official yesterday). And while it all sounded like just another power move in the tumultuous business of fashion, anyone with a vested interest in their tailoring—whether or not you’re keeping an eye on the runways—ought to know what it all could mean to them.

A quick dialogue on what went down, and why it even matters.»

New Menswear, Rugged Soaps and Stylish Cops

  • Kempt Staff


New Kids: Details runs down the four new menswear labels you should know, coming out of NYFW.

Full Bast: Slam x Hype catches up with #menswear messiah Christopher Bastin to talk Gant Rugger and Pitti Uomo.

Well Scent: Well Spent chats up the makers of their favorite rough-and-tumble soaps and room fresheners: Juniper Ridge.

Fashion Police: Bullett shines the street style limelight on the most stylish cops patrolling the tents at NYFW.

Princess Leia, Savile Row and How to Know Your Tweed

  • Kempt Staff

Leia to Rest: Carrie Fisher pens a not-terribly-tearful farewell letter to the character who brought her fame—and to that “foolish, focus-pulling hairstyle.”

Misplaced Nostalgia: Fresh off their stint at Pitti Uomo, Fashionista begins to question the use of the word “heritage.” Or, rather, its overuse.

One for the Kippers: A tale of two tailors—on Savile Row—as told by Bruce Boyer.

Tweed Is Good: A useful, and timely, primer on how to choose your tweed blazer wisely, courtesy of Vanity Fair.

Hats of Pitti Uomo: The Good, The Bad and The Floppy

  • Najib Benouar

hats of pitti uomo

Surely your Tumblr dashboard has alerted you to the momentous semiannual gathering of epic Italianate peacockery that is Pitti Uomo, which is wrapping up in Florence right now—and per usual, there was some handsome stuff, some inspiring stuff and a few head-scratchers...

It’s visibly winter over there, so we saw a lot of leather five-fingered pocket squares (everyone seemed to think their hands should suffer the cold for fashion), some blankets worn as scarves, and hats. Hats everywhere. Most troubling was the emergence of a few floppy-brimmed hats that fell somewhere between Blossom and Gandalf, but there were some great examples of sensible soft-brimmed fedoras, knit caps and hats of every stripe, too. So we rounded up the various street style photos, Instagrams and Twitpics from the usual suspects in menswear—including those actually in Florence—and found our favorite toppers of the bunch.

Without further ado, we present: The Hats of Pitti Uomo.»