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Patrycja Gardygajlo Is at a Segway-Optional Beach

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Bawse Hog: Bon Appetit sits down with foodie/gangster rapper Rick Ross to talk leftover lobster bisque, tilapia recipes and Wingstop. [Bon Appetite]

Pirelli-tively Tame: Vanity Fair Italia goes behind the scenes at the infamous Pirelli Calendar shoot. Surprisingly not NSFW. [Vanity Fair]

Americana in Paris: GQ is along for the ride as the Hill-Side crew takes Paris by storm. (We’re assuming they read our how-to on pastis beforehand.) [GQ]

Comic Contours: A Comic-Con recap that gets down to what’s really important: the ladies. [Cool Material]

Kendra Spears Is Scandalizing the Manor

Kendra Spearsvia Exit

Needs More Real Estate: 50 pretty good songs from 2011—including Britney Spears, Jay-Z, Beyoncé and 47 other much-less-famous people. [Vulture]

The Video: The Pirelli Calendar gets a making-of video. We’re holding out for the Blu-Ray. [Hypebeast]

The Two Sides of L.A.: Ice Cube is apparently a well-read Eames aficionado, and has dabbled as an architect. He contains multitudes, is the point. [NYTimes]

Have a Tip-Top Tet: An etiquette guide to genteel, inoffensive holiday greetings. Good paper in your holiday card will get you out of a lot. [MIEN]

Gentlemen, the Pirelli Calendar Has Arrived

The Hour Is Upon Us: The Italian tire manufacturer’s famous calendar has arrived, with nude island photos of Kate Moss, Milla Jovovich and Saskia de Brauw. This was the only SFW pic. Naturally, you’ll want to investigate. [Selectism]

Who Makes the Tweed?: This video goes behind the scenes at one of the last surviving Irish tweed mills, Molloy & Sons. Amazing. [Nowness]

The Last Badass: A profile of George Kimball, one of the great, crazy sportswriters you’ve never heard of. [Deadspin]

The Finds: A gentleman’s weekend kit, as stocked by Engineered Garments. [The Bengal Stripe]

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Pirelli Calendar

So, I Told You: The social etiquette of being right. It’s a problem we have to deal with all the time. [MIEN]

Club Life: Justin Bridges’ guide to the club collar, with a little help from Uniqlo. [tucked]

The Real Wrestler: The tragic decline of Ric Flair, of the WWF. Be warned—it’s incredibly long and incredibly sad. [Grantland]

The Covered Wagon: A crop of screenprinted posters from pre-talkie westerns, and your retro fix of the day. [How to Be a Retronaut]

Karl Lagerfeld’s Pirelli Calendar is Surprisingly Tasteful

Horsemen: A history of the unlikely love affair between Ralph Lauren and 90s hip-hop. [XXL]

Shoe Lust: Grenson’s online shop opens for business. UK pricing and tasteful broguing abound. [Sartorially Inclined]

We Assume He’s Well-Dressed: A peek into a newly minted archetype: the gentleman hacker. Basically the Scarlet Pimpernel with an iPhone. [TechCrunch]

Internet Rules Everything Around Me: And just because it’s Friday: a semi-satirical guide to becoming fabulously wealthy on the internet. Hey, we’ll give it a shot… [Fast Company]

The Wages of Sloth


Terrytown: Terry Richardson teams up with the Pirelli calendar, and this is the closest to SFW he comes. [Hypebeast]

A Verdant Glenn: The embattled style guy empties his notebook with characteristic unflappability, unearthing gems like “Rhythm shook me like a thermometer.” Shine on, you grizzled diamond. [Men.Style]

Brass Balls: Transformers 2 might be a bit more anatomically correct than is strictly appropriate. [Gawker]

Darkness on the Edge of Town: The L.A. outskirts gets a new boutique. [CoolHunting]

Big Game

  • Jared Paul Stern


Swashbuckling photographer Peter Beard's work isn't getting any cheaper—quite the opposite in fact—but we consider it fairly recession proof as these things go. We recently told you about the re-release of his classic 1965 book on Africa, *The End of the Game*. Then we reported on his shoot in Botswana for the 2009 Pirelli Calendar featuring naked supermodels and an elephant named Cathy.

Now he's finally hitting the auction circuit»