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Introducing the Chuck Taylor All-Stars Pillow

Here’s a great way to relive some of the weirdest nights in your life, when a pair of Chuck Taylors, the duct-tape of apparel, functioned as a pillow (H.O.R.D.E. Festival ’95, the unscheduled 36-hour layover at a Kiev train station, the first and last time you gave Burning Man a go, etc.). Perpetual Kid, the curators of all sorts of relics from your misspent youth, have you covered.

Just don’t anticipate any blockbuster, REM-type sleep—calling this thing a pillow is sort of like calling Chuck Taylors basketball shoes.

Just In Case


Apparently oddball design stunts aren’t just for internet folk. Literary quirk merchant Miranda July is trying her hand at pillowcases. She's currently working through a limited edition of a 1000 cases, available through the New Museum.

Of course, she’s a writer not an artist, so her contribution comes in quote form. The pillows are inscribed with two corresponding inscriptions, "Here you will dream of endless kissing" and "Here you will dream of people you admire exposing your fraudulence," either of which should provide for an eventful night’s sleep. Naturally, we recommend a healthy rotation…