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All the Handsome Ties Your Spring Requires

  • Najib Benouar


As you might have noticed around these parts, we’re excited about the impending onset of spring.

And one of our favorite things to watch during this season shift is the cottons, chambrays and linens replacing all that wool and tweed—something you can start doing immediately when it comes to your neckwear. To show you what we’re talking about, we’ve rounded up a dozen of the finest examples of spring neckwear on the market right now.

Heralding spring, neck first.»

A Gust of Handsomeness Blowing into Chicago

  • Najib Benouar

For anyone lucky enough to find themselves in Chicagoland tomorrow, the first Windy City installment of the men’s pop-up market NorthernGrade will be taking place. And it’s going to be a barn burner.

In the grand tradition of the Pop-Up Flea (co-helmed by our very own editorial director), the folks from Pierrepont Hicks and Well Spent are putting on a Midwestern fete of Americana. The daylong bazaar of selvage, duck canvas and other ruggedly made-in-America-only gear will be hosting 19 coast-to-coast brands, with a few local shops like Penelope’s and Haberdash on hand to help things along.

To whet your appetite, we’ve got a full list of the vendors who’ll be there, after the jump.»

Pulling the Wool

  • Najib Benouar

If you haven’t made the seasonal (or mental) transition to wool ties yet, now is the time.

And on the occasion that our friends over at UrbanDaddy Perks have 40% off an exclusive selection of woolen ties from Pierrepont Hicks—from the woolen-tie capital of the world, Minnesota—we thought we’d pass along this 1975 snap of a surprisingly on-trend Robert Redford giving a master class on how to wear one: over a chambray dress shirt and under a sweater and herringbone sport coat.

And for extra autumnal points, make that a double-breasted blazer.

Taking a Backseat

In our ongoing pursuit of properly equipping you for summer road trip season, here’s an indispensable item from the tie gurus at Pierrepont Hicks and their fellow Minnesotans at Faribault Woolen Mill Co.

It’s a utilitarian-size backseat blanket that’s made from a sturdy wool, but instead of your typical woodsy look, it’s woven in bright beach-bonfire-appropriate stripes. As the name suggests, you’ll want to have this handy whenever four-wheeled wanderlust strikes.

Most importantly, it’s just big enough to share.

The Ties of Spring

With winter safely in the rear-view mirror, there’s a whole new breed of tie up for grabs. Forget the gray wools and somber brown hues. Now that the sun is out, we’re more partial to raw silks, textured cotton and madras ties—the rare breed of neckwear that actually looks good on a beach. And in case you want to join in the celebration, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite examples after the jump.

See a few of our favorite spring ties»

The Salmon Run

Pierrepont Hicks

There’s nothing like a bright linen tie on a warm day.

Today’s summer tie comes by way of Pierrepont Hicks, newly available for preorder.

The fabric is a blend of orange, salmon and pink, which means it’ll blend in with just about any number of summer shirts (including any slightly pink spread-collars you may have squirreled away)—but more importantly, it’s likely to be the most summery collections of hues in your closet.

We Liked Them Before It Was Cool


Record shops are consistently cool places, but they rarely overlap with the tie-wearing set. Luckily, Pierrepont Hicks is one of the more indie-credded tie brands. And they’ve got cool friends.

For their latest lookbook, PH took to the Minneapolis’ Electric Fetus record shop (once singled out as America’s worst-named business) with chaps from a few local bands and proceeded to remind us why we were so excited about summerweight ties in the first place.

More importantly, all the ties in the lookbook arrived on their site as of this morning, so you can snap up anything that catches your eye. This one’s our favorite so far, but we’re open to persuasion.

See a few pics from the lookbook»

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