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A Gentleman’s Guide to Buying Art

  • Chris LaMorte
A Gentleman’s Guide to Buying Art

Art is increasingly being treated like a commodity, like pork bellies or wheat futures. Which means that buying art can get, well, downright tacky. So, forget all the vulgar zeros on the record-shattering price Picasso’s Women of Algiers brought in at the latest Christie’s auction. And forget words like “investor” and “art fund.”

If you really want to do it right, let’s do it correctly. Like gentlemen.

The 70 Greatest Sweaters of All Time

  • Najib Benouar

For centuries, mankind has relied on sweaters for winter layering and autumn-night warmth. But beyond that, they’ve been something of an afterthought. Until today.

Because today we’re celebrating the venerable garment in all of its forms by counting down the 70 greatest moments in sweaterdom—from lumpy cardigans to clingy cashmere hugging the shapely, we’ve found them all. And we’ve assembled them in full splendor.

Without further ado, the 70 greatest sweaters in the world.»

The Big Picture: Pablo Picasso

  • Najib Benouar

On the day that would’ve marked Pablo Picasso’s 131st birthday (as legend has it, he was thought to have been born still, until a visitor’s cigar smoke blew onto the newborn’s face and he cried out to everyone’s surprise), we’d like to take a moment to salute the legendary artist, Under 5′7″ All-Star and boat shirt aficionado with a few iconic photos and noteworthy words of wisdom.

Remembering Pablo Picasso, in his own words...»

Five Great Men (and Their Dogs)

The Artist is headed for quite a night this Sunday, so we thought we’d take a shot at nailing down exactly why it’s struck a nerve with the Oscar-voting public. It’s not the silent part. It’s certainly not the French part. It’s not even the sultry, half-Argentine actress, although she doesn’t hurt.

No, we’re thinking of the pure, unsullied bond between a man and his dog—in this case, between Jean Dujardin and Uggie, the expertly trained Jack Russell terrier who (we’ll just come out and say it) carries the movie. If Dujardin walks away with a statuette, he’ll know who to thank.

But it’s hardly the first time this has happened—so to correct some of the canine oversight, we thought we’d shine a light on the dogs behind five great and/or debonair men of the past hundred years, from Picasso to Gosling. They were good dogs...

Five men and their dogs»

Alyssa Arce Didn’t See You There

The Old Ways: ACL shares the story of a traditional October hunting trip, complete with video. [A Continuous Lean]

Awesome People Hanging Out Together: We know, it sounds like a blogger fantasy, but apparently Picasso and Gary Cooper were pretty close in the ’50s. [Driven]

All in the Weave: A look at the faces, threads and machines that bring you Harris Tweed. [Brain Pickings]

Cords of the Future: And in honor of Corduroy Day (that’s 11/11/11, get it?), we offer this pair of Ovadia cargo cords. [Ovadia & Sons]

And to all a good weekend!

Tina Louise is Suspicious of Your Picnic

tinalouise_crop.jpgvia WBE

The Other Icons: Some wisdom on the proper use of style icons, and a few offbeat ones you may not have considered. Maybe you should wear your scarf like Malcolm McLaren… [Esquire]

The Scarf Has Enemies: Or maybe you shouldn’t because you’ll look like a crazy person. [Men’s Flair]

You Had Us At “Uncontrollable Sex Drive”: Our favorite modernist got around, apparently. Here’s a look at Picasso’s mistress. [Vanity Fair]

Nice Shoes: Steven Alan’s doing some handsome things with Keds. [Selectism]

The Oddball


We already knew Tender had a way with a dye bucket, but apparently they’ve got a way with island shirts too.

This hand-dyed popover is one of the more exotic shirts we’ve seen, thanks to no less than three off-kilter touches. First off, there are no cuffs—just a tiny cinching at the end of the sleeve. Second, it’s a single unseamed piece of cloth (aside from the sleeves and placket), giving it a smock-like vibe. And then, there’s that collar…

It’s the kind of offbeat islandwear that wouldn’t have looked out of place on Picasso, perfect for culminating your stylish-but-eccentric streak. But first, you may want to take up painting.

Defending Baldness


Truly, today is a great day for humanity.

In easily the most earth-shaking discovery of the 21st century, scientists appear to have stumbled onto a cure for baldness.

Specifically stress-related baldness in lab mice but, you know, baby steps. And on the off-chance this actually pans out and the current generation of youths never has to face down the sheer-pated scourge, we’d like to weigh in while there’s still time.

We’ll miss it. We swear.

Don’t get us wrong; there are plenty of guys with a real genetic gripe, gracefully fighting the good fight with shampoos and fedoras. But then there are the Picassos of the world, wearing their clean skull with pride and scoring one for the Aging Male everywhere. We can’t help but feel a pang of loss at the prospect of a world without them. We’d prefer this problem be solved with style rather than science—and we don't mean hats. Whither Ed Harris?

Anna, Julian, and Talk Talk


Save Faris: Anna Faris is consistently more interesting than her movies…with the possible exception of Scary Movie 4. [NYMag]

All You Want to Do Is Talk Talk: Steve Monaghan loves Talk Talk, as all true 80s aficionados must. [Selectism]

Hard Times: To put the recession in real, visceral terms: Julian Schnabel has had to sell one of his Picassos. It’s frightening stuff. [Luxist]

For Shame: We’re starting to get worried about Gary Coleman. [Vulture]