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The Cautionary Tales of the Jheri Curl

  • Kempt Staff

Jheri curl

If you haven’t caught the trailer for American Hustle yet, it’s a fever dream of ’70s excess—with giant floppy collars, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams wearing a lot of fur and a very-tightly-curled-coifed Bradley Cooper. In one scene, he’s even shown donning pink rollers (possibly borrowed from Dock Ellis’s locker) to achieve the look.

That’s right, Coop gets the Jheri curl treatment. Which reminded us of that fateful hairdo and all of the misguided souls who fell victim to the allure of glossy curls in the past. Justin Timberlake, A.C. Slater, Lionel Richie, Darryl Jenks. The list goes on and on.

The moral of the story: it never ends well.»

Your Monthly Tumblr Debriefing

  • Najib Benouar


Tumblr. It’s a vast and mythical land of handsome #menswear, impossibly cool gentlemen and achingly beautiful photography.

The problem is, so much good stuff in one place can get overwhelming—which is why we, in our infinite wisdom, took it upon ourselves to travel the seemingly endless expanse of reblogs, product drops and street style photography to bring you a succinct recap of the last month in Tumblr-dom.

Without further ado, here’s everything you missed on Tumblr in the past month.»

Kempt Icon: Harry Belafonte

  • Najib Benouar


Spending six decades in the public eye is not an easy thing—especially when you’re as outspoken as Harry Belafonte.

The man is 86 years old and still ruffling feathers when speaking his mind. This week he’s beefing with Jay (no hyphen) Z. Last week, he was protesting “stand your ground” laws in Florida.

He’s going on six decades of this sort of brashly wise righteousness. And, might we add, he’s been doing so while managing to look quite dapper in the process.

Belafonte shot to stardom in the era when just being a famous African-American was seen as a political statement—let alone his insistence on being at the forefront of the civil rights movement (Martin Luther King famously planned a few legendary marches while holed up in Harry’s apartment). Over the years, he went from the open-shirted calypso crooner to the slim-tie-and-sharp-suited activist to the dapper old man in turtlenecks and gun-check blazers we all aspire to be one day. It’s been quite the run. And he shows no sign of letting up.

Hence, we take a moment to celebrate the legendary Harry Belafonte in six iconic photos.»

The Month in Pictures: July

  • Kempt Staff

July in review

July, we hardly knew ya. And while it might have felt like the month just flew by in a tropical-drink-fueled, red-white-and-blue blur, we’d like to take a moment to remember some of the more handsome moments. So we’re firing up the Kempt DeLorean and taking a quick drive down recent-memory lane in this month-ending recap we like to call...

The Month in Pictures.»

Style Icons with Sweet Rides

Steve McQueen

Stylish men have always had a special relationship with beautiful cars.

Probably because, if you think about it, they’re kind of the perfect accessory. Big, shiny, powerful—a little automotive affirmation can go a long way to securing your position in the Court of Cool. (We’re sure the King would agree.) But it’s not only those men defined by their cars who drive cool ones. And we’ve got the photo evidence to prove it.

Thus we present to you: Style Icons with Sweet Rides. To check out the high-speed handsomeness, follow us after the jump...»

Seven Essential Upgrades for the Everyday Photophile

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


Photography. You’ve dabbled. Perhaps fancy yourself a modern-day Helmut Newton. Your social life: a graphic compendium of Kemptresses/muses.

Yes, generally speaking, your life imitates art. In the spirit of keeping things beautiful both behind and in front of the lens, we’ve compiled the must-have upgrades for your photographic endeavors. Your camera will thank us.

Check out all seven after the jump.»