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In Praise of the Polo Shirt and Suit

Polo Shirt

The business suit is a powerful thing. Find one that fits, and it basically calls out for a crisp shirt, an expertly knotted tie and a briefcase full of important documents. (Strangely enough, the documents are the hardest thing to come by.)

But there’s more to the suit than point collars and ties. A prime example: this snap from Men of Habit, starring a Phineas Cole suit, a Brooks Brothers pique polo and a dangerously louche demeanor. It’s a pretty staid suit by itself, but throw a soft collar underneath it and all the starch goes out the window. If people dressed like this on casual Fridays, we might actually look forward to them.

You’ll want to accessorize with some kind of brown liquor…

The Evening Slipper


In the midst of our plaid-based bundling, it seems that we haven’t properly addressed our feet. To that end, we give you: the tartan evening slipper.

Paul Stuart’s Phineas Cole line, just released a new batch for the holidays, and we're duly impressed. From solid flannels to regimental stripes to traditional tartans (our pick), they provide toasty protection from the most despicable of winter offenses, cold floors. Sure, an Italian-made leather sole might be a little bit of overkill for a shoe that's never going to leave the house—but it's the good kind of overkill.

And your robe will be glad to have company.