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Sasha Pivovarova is Perfectly Camoflaged

The Shape of Things To Come: Matt Schneier offers up a cryptic look at what Spring/Summer 2011 will be bringing us in days to come. Apparently Phillip Lim is a Matisse fan. []

Bill Murray, Class Act: Bill Murray’s speech to the National Board of Review is hilarious, brilliant. Required reading. [Vulture]

The Winter of ’42: ACL lets loose a new set of Life archive pics, including an exceedingly well-dressed gentleman holding a pair of lobsters. [A Continuous Lean]

Jean on Jean: Barneys catches up with the achingly hip couple behind Raleigh Denim. [B-Side]

The Dangling Belt


Count this as #2 in our ongoing Fashion Week recap. On the docket this time: the dangling belt.

This snap is from the Robert Geller show, but there were similarly loose straps on display at 3.1 Phillip Lim and Michael Bastian, turning it into a bonafide trending item. (That was three, right?)

The trick is using a thin leather belt (kind of like these), maybe tucking it in past the first pant loop, and then letting it dangle. That might involve sizing up a bit to give you enough extra belt to play with, but your reward is a freewheeling grace note that’s unusually easy to pull off. It’s the kind of thing that fashion week stylists do best. Don’t be surprised if you see it on the street before too long.

The Clubmaster of the Future


After last year’s clubmaster renaissance, we’re about ready for a next step. Our favorite contender so far is Philip Lim 3.1’s “Donahue” frames. They come in un-shaded and tortoise shell versions too, but we prefer these solid black versions. It’s the kind of thing you expect to see on the bad guy in an 80s movie, possibly alongside a knee-length jacket and a Miami-level tan. (Sold separately.)

Kemptress: Jennifer Morrison

  • Jared Paul Stern


We should make it clear from the start that while we never watch television, we do have something of a Netflix addiction to *House M.D.*.

And though we were drawn to it by the prospect of Bertie Wooster playing a misanthropic American medico, Jennifer Morrison (aka Dr. Cameron) is certainly easy on the eyes. If only the wardrobe department wouldn't insist on stuffing her into ill-fitting Club Monaco career separates.

Another pic of our newest Kemptress and more info after the jump»

Spring Suits, That New Ford Smell and Paris Towels Off


Close Shave: Tom Ford releases men's toiletries line (soap, shower gel, aftershave) to complement his signature cologne. Scratch the screen for a preview. Not working? Keep trying—it'll happen. [DNRNews]

Season Opener: Suit up for the vernal equinox. [Refinery29]

Big Stink: Related - How to look like Colin Farrell smells. [Style Dash]

Mea Culpa; Apparently, a red club tie with contrasting white stripes is the universal signifier for, "Sorry, I was thinking with my jock." [NY Times]

The Chicer Picker Upper: Ever eloquent with her actions, if not her words, Paris Hilton gracefully ends the celebrity-fashion-line era with her new collection of paper towels. [LA Times]

Plain White Ts: Gap will continue it's indie designer collaborations program with Band of Outsiders, Michael Bastian, Philip Crangi and 3.1 Phillip Lim. Somehow, Threeasfour snuck in while no one was looking. [Racked]