Freak Folk: Always on the hunt for a href="">deep, href="">sensitive mate, Natalie
Portman is reportedly nuzzling up to Cripple Crow crooner Devandra
Banhart. Yeah, we don’t know how we feel about this one either. We
mean, he is wearing a woman’s jacket. [ href="">Egotastic]

Napoleon Complex: Lil’, wee plutocrat Nic Sarkozy is
kicking up a press dust storm in his fierce heels. [ href="">Shoeblogs]

What Would Moz Do?: Dress like Morrissey and you’re
set for life. [Style

Spit and Polish: The geopolitics of the shoeshine.
[NYT via On
The Fly

Throwing Sparks: Sharp dockside looks from Philip
Sparks. [Philipsparks
via Notcouture]

Blinded by the White: N.B. to African-American
society partygoers – some photogs may require you use nametags. [ href="">Radar]

Environmental Hang Up: Going green starts at your dry
cleaner. [Fox23]

Out of Africa: A brief history of the safari jacket.

New Journalism: The Wall Street Journal is
set to launch a new luxury magazine to compete with the
Times’ glossy insert, T. Yes, yes – you’re right -
they’re calling it WSJ. [ href="">Editor
and Publisher]

Luxury Hacks: Next time you’re in Moscow, flag down a
Maybach. [Autopark]

Home, Jeeves: In other auto news, The
magazine has named its “Car of the Year.” The
magazine? We should really get our guy a subscription
for his birthday. [ href="">Autoblog]

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