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Petra Nemcova has been stranded on this beach since 2003

  • Najib Benouar

The Roger Ebert Of Rap: We sat through all the broadsheet journalist fat-chewing over Watch The Thrown's braggadocio and income-gap rap, but all along we just wondered how Ghostface Killah felt about the whole thing. [Big Ghost Chronicles]

The P.Diddy Of Prep: Ralph Lauren goes for a name change. Drops the Polo prefix. [Selectism]

What You're Watching This Weekend: With the arrival of 30 Minutes or Less, Vulture declares this the summer of raunch-com and conducts an empirical study on the seven raunchiest of 2011. [Vulture]

Your Weekly Dose Of Tie Porn: Courtesy of Mr. Mort. [Mr. Mort]

Model House, The Skinny on Barack and No Boinking for Blokes


Home Maker: In a last-ditch effort to save the housing market, Petra Nemcova has branched out into sexy, sexy field of real-estate development. [NYPost]

Separated at Birth: While Ashley Olsen made the Maxim "Hot 100 List," Mary-Kate was left off the tally of the world's hottest tail, thus solidifying her place as the "ugly one." [Hollywood Scoop]

The Legion of Superheroes: The bright stars of society and fashion enjoyed the spandex and cowls on display at the Met Gala. We'll just go ahead and presume our invites got lost in the mail. [NYMag]

Under the Burka: Islamic fashion designers just can't win. [Turkish Daily News]

Vote Thin!: Barack Obama represents a, "shining new hope for skinny men," and political marginalization for fatties. [Guardian UK]

Fitting End: Tailor to Sir Roger Moore and Ralph Lauren, Douglas Howard passes away at 73. [DNRNews]

Cool Britannia: English men are turning down sex in growing numbers, leaving more for the rest of us sloppy Yanks. [Men.Style]

Kempt Man of the Hour: Bruce Willis

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

Following in the footsteps of Sean Penn and Petra Nemcova, aging action hero Bruce Willis has been stepping out lately with a much younger model, sometime Victoria's Secret siren Emma Hemming.

Willis isn't really known for his sartorial savoir faire, but he does have the sense to realize that a new look is necessary to pull off a *poule de luxe*.

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Glenn's New Gig, On Point in Brooklyn and The Body's Youth Movement


Creative Direction: GQ's beloved Style Guy settles in behind his new desk. "Mazeltov." says us. [WWD]

All Points East: Our favorite fashion adventurers head to the distant, savage shores of Greenpoint. [Refinery29]

Mating Habits: While Petra Nemcova surprises no one by taking up with Sean Penn, Elle "The Body" Macpherson (born March 29, 1963), keeps us guessing by with a possible link to Julian Schnabel's 21-year-old son. Insert joke about cougars and High-School daydreams here. [Style Dash]

Local Boys Big in Japan: Kempt faves Loden Dager preview their Uniqlo designs with a Tim Hamilton collection on the way. [Racked]

Puff's Revenge: Mr. Combs will be sending Ms. Lopez Sean John baby clothes for her newly arrived twins. This is no way to treat the woman who helped you stash your piece from the cops. [Media Outrage]

Bidding War: Our guess; this is as close as you'll get to getting under Kiera Knightly's skirt. [Clothes Off Our Back]

Hush Puppies: Now that German police dogs have shoes, it will harder than ever to convince them that they're not people. [AP]

Hold Your Breath: That Hedi Slimane/LVMH joint venture is looking more and more like a reality - knock on wood. [Thread Trend]