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Seeing Red


Warby Parker, our favorite mail-order optician, just added 14 new styles, including these Crosby frames that swap out the usual tortoise shell for a more aggressive red. It’s the usual Peter Sellers chic with a hint of Luden's. Feel free to remove them dramatically.

Happy Anniversary


By now, there are far more deluxe editions than there are movies that deserve the treatment, but that’s not to say we don’t get excited from time to time.

Being There, the swan song of the impeccable Peter Sellars, just hit its 30th anniversary, is getting a retrospective edition from Warner Brothers. The plot is the usual holy fool business: Sellars’ mentally stunted gardener (named Chance, aptly) manages to rise to a spot just shy of the presidency through a combination of beatitude and luck.

A how-to guide to being there»

The Old Casino


With all our attention to the new James Bond, we may have overlooked the old one. The 1967’s loveably ramshackle *Casino Royale* is getting a belated 40th Anniversary Edition, giving you a chance to check out the film that almost killed the franchise.

Shared between five auteur-minded directors and even more diva-minded stars, *Casino Royale* is pretty much the disaster you would expect, but as disasters go, it’s pretty fantastic. Abandoned by Peter Sellers halfway through production, the movie ping-pongs between a sinister Orson Welles, David Niven trying his best to add a shred of dignity to the proceedings, and Woody Allen doing his best to turn everything into a proto-Austin Powers sex farce.

In short, it was ripe for a remake.