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Test-Driving Donald Trump’s Cologne

In just a scant few weeks, “Success by Donald Trump” will be loosed upon the world at large, and Macy’s in particular.

We know, it’s not our usual beat, but as intrepid journalists, we felt honor-bound to investigate. So we picked up a bottle proceeded to put it through our usual exhaustive battery of tests—basically, asking a few of our most pitiless female acquaintances to describe the scent. It wasn’t pretty, but it was real.

The hard truth about Donald Trump’s cologne »

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There’s a lot to love about modern British style, but somehow the colognes tend to be overlooked. To correct that injustice, we direct you to Burberry’s gift-friendly fragrance, Burberry Brit, which wraps up the whole unpretentious style in a pair of his and hers scents. If you’re into perfume lingo, you’ll be eager to hear about the fresh, woodsy, oriental flavors involved, but mostly it’s every bit as classic as you’d expect from a brand like Burberry—which should be all you need to know.

The Smell of Success


Perfume ads have been teetering on the brink of self-parody since the famous black-and-white spots of the mid-80s, but things may have reached a new level. This still is from an ad for a new perfume called Greed, which does not exist. Or, more specifically, it’s from an ad for an ad for Greed, directed by Roman Polanski and starring Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams, which will be hitting the internet next week.

Perhaps more explanation is required»

The Smell of Success


Ah, perfume ads. Just when you think they’ve hit their peak…it turns out they’re just getting started.

It looks like the lovely Ms. Mendes’ banned Calvin Klein ad kicked off a whole new genre of fragrance ad: the black and white softcore bedroom shot. This version comes from French marque Guerlin, who chose a nude, reclining Natalia Vodianova to showcase the mysterious effects of their new Shalimar scent.

Of course, the ad is French not American, so they skipped the controversy and went straight for the nude banquette shots. Ah, la vie en rose…

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