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Scenes From the Capsule Show

The trade show/blogger convention known as Capsule has come and gone, and apart from a few stand-outs (which you’ll be hearing about in the weeks to come), it was a blur of handsomeness: plaid after plaid, camo after camo, and more good ideas than we’ve ever seen in one place.

So we thought we’d pass on the menswear headrush in the best way we know how—lots and lots of photos.

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An Ode to the Winter Coat

Winter is upon us, and for the next two months all your chances of surviving the outdoors turn on a single item: your winter coat. And since you’ll be brothers-in-arms until at least March, we thought we’d put together a few pictures showing off the best the winter coat has to offer—from classic duffels to mountain-ready waxed cotton coats. It’s going to be a good winter…

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The Leather Jacket Goes Tweed

We usually have a hard time getting excited about gear that won’t be in stores for more than six months, but this one—from Schott's Perfecto brand—is the exception.

You might remember the shape as the classic Schott leather jacket, of the Ramones, Brando and a whole lot of bikers. The fabric, on the other hand, is genuine Harris Tweed, of Doctor Who, Miss Marple and a whole lot of Latin teachers.

We’re big fans of both, but we never would have imagined the quintessential biker item made from the stuffiest fabric in the UK. Needless to say, we can’t way to see this one in the wild once August rolls around.