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Penelope Cruz is Undiminished by Grimy Surroundings


Semi-Broken Embraces: Unfortunately, Pedro Almódovar seems to have locked Ms. Cruz in a dungeon. [Fashion Copious]

Mr. Ford Goes to Hollywood: Tom Ford’s A Single Man earns him the Times profile treatment. Also, Jason Reitman should be nicer to reporters. [NYTimes]

Short Cuts: Snippets from the best film scenes of the decade, including a balrog, a strip club, and a hammer fight. [A. V. Club]

The Dandies of the Congo: Central Africa has some damn good tailors too. [Coolhunting]

Penelope Cruz Cannot Be Tamed by Writer-Directors


Cruz Control: Ladies and gentlemen, the best reason to see Nine. [Vanity Fair]

Let’s Go Make a Picture: When Hollywood starts being compared to Detroit, you know things are getting bad. The good news? At least Coraline was a hit… [Thompson on Hollywood]

Man Up: A discourse on masculinity, courtesy of the internet. [This Recording]

The Daily Nudes: There is no problem that cannot be solved by nude calendars. [NY Daily News]

There Will Be Flood Lighting


Daniel Day-Lewis earned quite a vacation after There Will Be Blood, and it looks like he’s taking it in Rome, surrounded by some of the most beautiful women in the world. The trailer for Nine just landed, with Mr. Day-Lewis enduring the temptations of Penelope Cruz, Sofia Loren, Marion Cotillard, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman…and someone called “Fergie”? Well, five out of six ain’t bad.

The bar is pretty high for this one, given that it’s a quasi-remake of one of the most stylish movies of all time (and best, while we’re at it). In fact, we’re already a little peeved that they changed Guido’s shades...but we’re willing to let it slide for Ms. Cotillard’s sake

See the trailer»

Tom Cleans Up, Josh Washes Off, and Penelope and Scarlett Make Out


Cor Blimey!: Our favorite hero, Kristen Bell, livens up the pages of British FHM. [Hollywood Rag]

Out of the Gutter: Tom Ford manages to get through an interview without talking about penises or shooting an inappropriate ad. [Wallpaper]

Best of Both Worlds: These kicks are part sneaker, part boot—all color. [The Pipeline]

Dag Nabbit: So the new Penelope Cruz/Scarlett Johansson Woody Allen film won't be two hours of lesbian kissing. We're still going though. [Gawker]

Scott's Picks: The Sartorialist's guide to doing it right. [Brandish]

What Smells?: Joshua David Stein gets a rubdown courtesy of Unilever. No evidence of the "Axe Effect" reported. [The Moment]