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Kempt Man of the Hour: Pedro Almodóvar


A man always looks better in his element—in this case, a director at Cannes—but Pedro Almodóvar doesn’t really need the help. Without a movie in the fest, he apparently directed all of his energy towards finding the perfect pair of sunglasses, and a bowtie to match. It paid off. Unlike just about everyone on the red carpet, he actually dressed for the weather—and all without sacrificing any New Formality points.

Penelope Cruz is Undiminished by Grimy Surroundings


Semi-Broken Embraces: Unfortunately, Pedro Almódovar seems to have locked Ms. Cruz in a dungeon. [Fashion Copious]

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The Dandies of the Congo: Central Africa has some damn good tailors too. [Coolhunting]

…But Only This Once


Principles: In this one case, we will relax our no-tolerance stance on ripped jeans. [Denimology]

Obie, Won: The Off-Broadway theater awards are much, much saucier than we thought. As in, NSFW. [Gawker]

Yes We Cannes: The Moment’s Cannes Diary, as we see it, reads something like this. Pedro Almódovar is fantastic, Willem Dafoe is very cool, and Lars von Trier has lost his damn mind. [The Moment]

Sound Bombing: An iPhone app takes music generative and viral at the same time. We’re not sure what that means either. [PSFK]