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Sylva Koscina Does Not Share Melon

Sylva Koscinavia WBE

Behind the Window: The latest behind-the-scenes style blog comes out swinging with an insider analysis of Paul Stuart’s latest bloggy moves. [The Coe Journal]

Mickey Returns: Mickey Rourke gives a touching tribute to Brad Renfro, without going so far as to remember Brad Renfro’s name. [GQ]

O Snap: The world’s most expensive photograph sold for $4.3 million at Christie’s last night. Strangely, there is no nudity. [The Atlantic Wire]

The Boxer: George Foreman opens up about our most recent Icon, Joe Frazier. [Deadspin]

Izabel Goulart Is Distracted by a Cat Video Playing in the Middle Distance

Izabel Goulartvia GQ

Window Dressing: Paul Stuart’s shop window gets a little extra pop thanks to ACL, Sartorially Inclined, Men of Habit, and Esquire’s Nick Sullivan. Well done, gentlemen. [WWD]

Finding Clowes: Dan Clowes descends from the mountains to discuss his new death-ray-themed book with Details. [Details]

The Cowboy Way: A back-and-forth on the merits of cowboy style. We remain skeptical. [Esquire]

Don’t Try This At Home: Apparently getting hit in the back with a 175 mph squash ball will leave quite a mark. [Deadspin]

A Gentleman’s Guide to Sleepwear

As the weather slowly turns brisk, you may notice a particular morning chill hitting you the first moment you pull back the blanket. Before too long, you’re going to need to start wearing a few extra layers to bed. The only question is exactly how dapper those layers are going to be.

But don’t answer now. Let’s explore your options first...

The two choices before you»

The Evening Slipper


In the midst of our plaid-based bundling, it seems that we haven’t properly addressed our feet. To that end, we give you: the tartan evening slipper.

Paul Stuart’s Phineas Cole line, just released a new batch for the holidays, and we're duly impressed. From solid flannels to regimental stripes to traditional tartans (our pick), they provide toasty protection from the most despicable of winter offenses, cold floors. Sure, an Italian-made leather sole might be a little bit of overkill for a shoe that's never going to leave the house—but it's the good kind of overkill.

And your robe will be glad to have company.

Bowling Alleys are More Exciting than we had Previously Thought

That “Vote or Die” Stuff Still Applies: Your guide to finding a polling place and rocking your particular section of the vote. Duty calls. [Lifehacker]

Heavy Thrifting: Jesse Thorn runs down the best suit and sport coat brands for eBay hunting. Our only head-scratcher: Apparently Paul Stuart beats out Brooks Brothers? [Put This On]

The (Belated) Fear: This one’s late, but still fascinating. Behold, Martin Scorcese’s 11 favorite horror movies. [The Daily Beast]

Keep Calm and Carry On: A new photoblog takes pictures of whatever's in the subject's pockets. In general, it feels like people are carrying too much. [The Bengal Stripe]



Pajamas don’t get much respect these days, but if we had to choose a single item of aristocratic gear—aside from a glen plaid three-piece, of course—we’d definitely tend towards sleepwear.

Perusing Paul Stuart’s latest semi-annual sale, for instance, we skipped straight over the silk scarves and point collars and found ourselves drawn to the pajama aisle. Between the bright white piping and the cotton dot fabric, this set might be just about perfect. And depending on how toasty your bedroom is, it might be the perfect time to work them into your nighttime rotation.

Socks, Vests, and Fish Forks


Stuart Little: In this case, it’s Paul Stuart, but we will go to any store that devotes this much space to socks. [NYTimes]

Big Pharma: We still don’t like Damien Hirst. [HintBlog]

Engineering!: A chat with Engineered Garments’ Daiki Suzuki reveals a healthy obsession with flannel vests. [TimeOutNY]

The Ruling Party: Esquire’s rules for dinner party guests will not tell you which one is the fish fork. [Esquire]

Kermit Meets Terry, Mod Style and Glowing Toiletries


Roger, Wilco, Out: StyleDash thinks Jeff Tweedy needs a style intervention due to his SNL appearance in a nudie suit. Similarly, we think Style Dash needs a music intervention due to their apparent ignorance of the Flying Burrito Brothers (video). [StyleDash]

Team Colors: An interview with sideline style leader and coach of the 5-and-11 49ers, Mike Nolan. [HuffPo]

Housing Futures: Figuring that all the collapsing real estate market needs is a fresh blazer, "Fashion Futurist Geoffrey Beane" (say whaa?) is teaming up with Century 21 (not the store) to redesign their iconic gold jacket. [Business Wire]

For Absolute Beginners: Buying into Mod style. [ModCulture via Retro to Go]

Best Men: Engineered Garments brings home the inaugural GQ/CFDA Best New Menswear Designers in America award (oh, and $50,000). [Men.Style]

Leading Lights: Luring men toward a new shaving cream is much like luring mosquitos to a high-voltage death. [NYTimes]

Historical Threads: Classic American style parsed. [A Continuous Lean]

It's Not Easy Being Green: Kermit the Frog gets his slimy, webbed hands on Terry Richardson—or is that the other way around? [Skidknee]