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Natalia Oberhanss Is the Girl with the Golden Swimmies

  • Kempt Staff

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One in a Brazilian: The Wall Street Journal catches us up on the one and only Girl from Ipanema, Helo Pinheiro (who is now 66 years old). [WSJ]

Beatles Juice: On the occasion of Paul McCartney’s 70th birthday, Time recounts his first meeting with John Lennon as teenagers—they bumped into each other in a hallway looking for a guitar. [Time]

Idaho?: Take an Internet journey to the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch with your guide, David Coggins. [ACL]

Karmann Chameleon: To fulfill item number one of our summer must-haves (a vintage roadster), you’d do well to look into the Karmann Ghia—here’s a quick primer. [Driven]

Irina Shayk Is Bringing the Macarena Back

  • Najib Benouar

Irina Shaykvia GQ

Reliving the Dream: GQ does a bang-up job on the oral history of the 1992 Dream Team. Those were the days. [GQ]

Today’s Game: The 2012 NBA Finals begin tonight, and for predictions Esquire turns to the experts: OKC Thunder cheerleaders. [Esquire]

Like Father: In honor of Father’s Day upcoming, Vanity Fair celebrates the five best real-life father-son movie performances. [VF]

London Neighing: From the information gathered, it seems the Olympic opening ceremony will feature Paul McCartney, a cricket team, a parade of nurses and a veritable Noah’s Ark of farm animals... [Vulture]

Five Great Men (and Their Dogs)

The Artist is headed for quite a night this Sunday, so we thought we’d take a shot at nailing down exactly why it’s struck a nerve with the Oscar-voting public. It’s not the silent part. It’s certainly not the French part. It’s not even the sultry, half-Argentine actress, although she doesn’t hurt.

No, we’re thinking of the pure, unsullied bond between a man and his dog—in this case, between Jean Dujardin and Uggie, the expertly trained Jack Russell terrier who (we’ll just come out and say it) carries the movie. If Dujardin walks away with a statuette, he’ll know who to thank.

But it’s hardly the first time this has happened—so to correct some of the canine oversight, we thought we’d shine a light on the dogs behind five great and/or debonair men of the past hundred years, from Picasso to Gosling. They were good dogs...

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