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Head to Toe: Red, White and Blue

  • Najib Benouar

Red, White and Blue

The Fourth of July is so close, we can nearly taste it.

And we’ve always been of the mind that when it comes to dressing for the most patriotic day of the year, you’ve got permission to get loud. Therefore, to fully commit to the spirit of the day, we’ve rounded up your finest options for donning an all red, white and blue kit—made entirely in the good old US of A, naturally.

Herewith, your guide to dressing for the Fourth of July.»

Nadine Ponce Is Wearing a Canadian Shorts-Suit

  • Kempt Staff

Shoot for the Stars: Thanks to new advancements in cosmic cartography, you can watch the entire universe unfold in under two minutes. (It’s becoming our new screensaver.) [The Atlantic]

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Golds Are Great, But...: An impassioned cry to bring back America’s former glory as number one in everything, especially Guinness Book records. [McSweeney’s]

Bugatti Boy: Designer Duncan Quinn tells the tale of his high-speed weekend behind the wheel of a Bugatti Veyron in the supercar fever dream known as the goldRush Rally. [Driven]

Let Freedom Ring

  • Kempt Staff

Maybe Not #4: Nick Offerman gives his list of the 25 most American things you can do today. (Or any day you please. It's a free country.) [GQ]

If You Must Photograph the Fireworks: The photographers at National Geographic have some handy tips. [NatGeo]

Sound of the Union: There has been an impressive number of odes to each state of America—here are the 50 best. [Esquire]

Go Fourth: We’re taking a patriotic moment of silence on Kempt tomorrow, to allow you to get out there and enjoy all of the greatness this country has to offer (namely, grilled meats and lager) without missing us too badly. We'll see you back here on Thursday, singed eyebrows or not.

America the Beautiful

  • Najib Benouar

We’ve already got our weekender bag packed, but before we hit the road, we wanted to leave you with a few gorgeously patriotic images to hold you over till Tuesday (when we’ll be resuming our regularly scheduled handsomeness).

Here’s to three days of unadulterated sunning, funning, barbecuing, adult beveraging and reflecting on freedom (and the sacrifices that’ve been made to protect it). Enjoy the long weekend, everyone.

Ladies, take it away.»

Pledge Allegiance to the Shirt

  • Najib Benouar

We’ve got a few quintessentially American holidays lined up: Memorial Day this weekend, Fourth of July, and of course, we couldn’t forget June 14. (Flag Day.) All of them ripe for white bucks, barbecuing and showing your patriotism.

Naturally, for a man of style, not just any star-spangled shirt will do—which brings us to this flag-speckled specimen of American-made shirting from DC-based upstart Read’s Clothing Project. It’s another exclusive from our friends over at UrbanDaddy Perks (you might have noticed them stepping up their style game big lately), so it’s more than likely you’ll be the most dapper patriot in town.

And that’s what celebrating America is all about.