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January, Patrick, and Kate


Calendar Girl: Mad Men’s January Jones hits GQ UK (or is it GQUK?) looking anglophilic as ever. [SwipeLife]

Down Pat: Patrik Ervell breaches the magical world of glossy print ads. [Refinery29]

War and Heels: Like Napoleon before him, Alexander McQueen is stalled in his conquest of Moscow. [The Independent]

The All-Water Diet: Kate Moss plans a cookbook, based on her several encounters with food. [FashionIndie]

The Usual Suspects

ervell_crop.jpg’s Spring ’09 preview just went up and it looks like next year is going to be interesting. The names are all familiar—Condé Nast has clout for a reason, after all—but they all seem to be working just outside their comfort zone. Band of Outsiders shows up looking uncharacteristically yachty, Duckie Brown has a depressive moment, and Shipley & Halmos indulges their inner corporate raider. It’s good to know nobody’s getting too comfortable.

The outfit that really caught our eye was this vertical-striped number from Patrik Ervell. The stripes are a little on the carnivalesque side—coincidentally, Adam Kimmel has some matching pants—but it’s just bold enough to work, especially paired with a banker's collar and neutral pants. Well played, sir.