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IPOs, Wide Loads and Heath Hearts Gemma

Gemma Ward

You Look Like $4,257: A complete price breakdown of MOTH Patrick Dempsey's Versace ad wardrobe. [FWD]

Public Affairs: Hilfiger to lead parade of fashion IPOs this year. [WWD]

Man of The Moment: On what is quickly becoming our (second) favorite blog, Adam Kimmel takes over T's Pitti Uomo coverage. [The Moment]

Billionaire Bling Club: Pharrell teams up with Louis Vuitton for jewelry line. Be afraid/excited. [Now Public]

Name Dropping: "Yeah, aren't you the guy who's not getting through my security checkpoint?" [StyleDash]

Slimboy Fat: Clooney rocks the wide look, perhaps hastening the eclipse of the skinny tie. She Knows Best [Magnificent Bastard]

Aussie Love: Heath Ledger squires model Gemma Ward. Not bad for a balding single dad. [Nimoy]

Scott on Gucci, Ford in Russia, Plum Pickets and More

From the Director of Alien and Themla & Louise: Ridley Scott to direct the saga of the Gucci family. [SunUK]

Playing Doctor: Man of the Hour Patrick Dempsey is the Versace man. [MSNBC]

Recycling Bags: Mulberry refocuses on men. [MPDClick]

Forward Russia!: Tom Ford to open shop in the city with—after New York, of course—the world's greatest concentration of high rollers. [Bloomburg/VogueUK]

On the Barricades: Plum Sykes fights for her right to earn, rocking the whole "fashion girl meets snowbunny" thing. [NYMag]

Burberry Check: An analyst's view from among the Chavs. [Portfolio: Fashion Inc.]

LES Speakeasy: A peek into THECAST on Ludlow. [UrbanDaddy]