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Juliana Imai Is Watching You Juggle

Juliana Imaivia WBE

Join the Club: The latest from Club Monaco, including some surprisingly handsome suits. [Hypebeast]

We’re Sticking with “Password1”: A gentleman’s guide to low-stress password management. It’s all fun and games until you’re spamming your Facebook friends. [Gizmodo]

Out on the Weekend: A trad’s take on weekend wear. He recommends flannel trousers and cashmere blazers. Not bad. [Permanent Style]

The Don Is Gone: In honor of the dear departed Don Cornelius, here’s video of a Soul Train highlight from Stevie Wonder. [a grammar]

Miranda Kerr Goes to Russia


Twice as Nice: Miranda Kerr pops up in Vogue Russia. Why? Because she’s just that good. [Fashion Copious]

Mr. Smith Goes to New York: The secret of Paul Smith’s success: consistency. Also, rabbits. [WWD]

Get Smart: An alarming number of people have “123456” as their password. [Lifehacker]

What Comes After the Blues?: Contemplating the peak of Americana. The bottom line: don’t trade in your Red Wings just yet. [The Choosy Beggar]