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Kempt Man of the Hour: Gay Talese

Gay Talese

Raise a glass for the old guard.

Our latest MOTH comes from Paris Review’s Spring Revel, which saw Gay Talese in classic form, complete with banker’s collar, English-style DB and martini in hand. We assume he left his hat at the coat check.

It’s a beautiful thing, not least because Talese has been hitting this circuit (and that cocktail) since before most of us were born. And the getup still looks good. A couple decades down the road, it’ll still look good, right down to the rumpled silk pocket square.

In other words, classic style has its benefits.

Man at Work


Hemingway Days are well in the past, but we thought we’d check in with Ernest one last time. The occasion is the opening of Paris Review’s massive archive of interviews—great news if you want to hear Jack Kerouac talk about “Yeatsian semi-trance,” but also great news if you want to pick up a few of Hemingway’s drinkin’-and-writin’ stories.

Our favorite finds the great man in full myth-making mode, detailing how he wrote The Sun Also Rises, and giving the story of a one-night binge that produced three of his best shorts.

Hear the story, as Ernest tells it»

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