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Berluti Does Suits

Berluti’s one of the best Italian shoemakers you’re likely to find, but as of this year they’re busting into full-scale menswear, with chalk-stripe suits, subtle homburgs and enough louche style to shut down Tumblr. We got our first look at Paris Fashion Week, and there’s plenty more where that came from. Of course, the Fashion Week hustle means you won’t get your hands on any of it until a year from August... but it can’t hurt to look.

The Return of the Mop

The haircuts of Paris Fashion Week are always a bit outlandish, but we noticed a heartening trend this time around: the return of the mop-top.

Granted, it never really went away, but this year saw a proliferation of mops unlike anything in recent memory. Scanning models, we spotted the McCartney cut on gentlemen at Lanvin, Paul Smith and every last model at Kenzo. (Balmain is close, but that’s really more of a Bieber.)

The lesson? The era of the awkwardly named Hitler Youth cut is coming to a close—and the mods are filling the void. We couldn’t be happier.

Bike Style Strikes Back

This snap comes from Paris Fashion Week, where Maison Kitsune sent a few models onto the runway with bicycles in tow.

Normally, we’d support the move (certainly better than SUVs), but we have to worry for the state of their clothes. If the well-coiffed model in question actually mounted that bike, his cotton shirt would be sweaty-going-on-gross inside of 10 minutes. It’s more like bike style in theory.

Instead, he should take a page from our expert and try a wool base layer... or maybe just lose the suit.

Fair Play to You

We’ve been wading through Paris Fashion Week pics all day, but the most enticing gear so far has come from Junya Watanabe’s Fair Isle-soaked runway show. In particular, the blazers.

Oh, those blazers. This is the best of the lot—or the one least likely to cause temporary blindness—but there’s plenty more where that came from. They tend to follow the Freeman’s style shirt-jacket model, but replacing the tweedy wools with some of the loudest patterns known to menswear.

Of course, those patterns are a lot easier to pull off when you’re dealing with something you can leave on a coatrack once you get inside. If you were looking for this year’s Navajo, this is looking like the leading candidate.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Anthony Landerau


Last night saw a pretty serious menswear face-off on in the midst of Paris Fashion Week, hosted by GrandLife and the Burkman Brothers and boasting an impressive number of leather jackets in attendance. Our favorite was found on Anthony Landerau, the director of European sales for Marc Jacobs and a man who knows his way around an accessory.

The main event here is the low-key bowtie, one of the more understated specimens we’ve seen. Together with the club-collared shirt, it’s playing the small-and-tweedy counterpart to the Indiana Jones-style jacket. Add in a classic Rolex on one wrist and a Kissi-esque wristband on the other and you’ve got a pretty complex salad of styles. Fortunately, he’s at the right party for it.

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