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The Girl with the Octopus Hair

Ryan Plettvia YHBTI

Good Enough for Ike: Jake Gallagher takes a deep dive into the military origins of the paratrooper pant. [WaxWane]

Great Men of Our Time: Tracy Morgan likes eating at the 56th Street Benihana because it means he can accost random strangers with jokes about sexual performance. Tonight, we will be dining at the 56th Street Benihana. [Grub Street]

The Bow of Victory: Scott Sternberg unveils a lucky Band of Outsiders bow tie in honor of the Oscars—and there’s a good chance Clooney will be wearing one on Sunday. [SlamxHype]

A Private Affair: And finally, with Google’s new privacy policy coming into effect on March 1, here’s how to wipe your history to ensure no one ever discovers you once Googled “nude rue mcclanahan.” [Gizmodo]