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Leaving Your Mark


As you may have noticed, we’re fans of well-cultivated eccentricity. Whether it’s a few loose bracelets, a delicately curled mustache...or a devotion to old school stationary.

These rubber stamps caught our eye as just that. They're an eccentric taste, to be sure, but given the quantity of paper that still gets shuffled around a modern office, it might be nice to leave your mark on some of it. Now, to figure out exactly what the mark should be…

The Greater Good

americapaper_crop.jpgAndy Spade & Anthony Sperduti of Partners & Spade

America’s in need of a new image…but come to think of it, so is advertising. So mixing a little patriotism and a little PR magic is just good business.

This month’s PAPER Magazine (via WBE)mixes the two in just the right proportion, with a series of editorial images promoting a kinder, gentler image of America. This “Sorry” banner comes courtesy of Andy Spade & Anthony Sperduti—known to some as Partners & Spade—and Shepard Fairey pops in for a Soviet-styled ode to wind power, but the real muscle here comes directly from Madison Ave.

Naturally, there are a lot more doves than hawks, but the real question isn’t what this means for America but what it means for advertising. Once ad men start unleashing their inner RFKs, who knows what kind of full-pagers we’ll start seeing.

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Card Games


Now that craft sites like Etsy have made silkscreened cards easier to produce and distribute than ever before, the calling card is making a serious comeback. Along with a few other kinds of cards…

Gramkin Paper Studio (via NotCot) specializes in palm-sized kissoff cards, designed to make your late-night interactions as transparent as possible. After all, handing a piece of fine card stock to the overly aggressive semi-vixen at the other end of the bar should end the conversation with enough whimsy to keep things civil—and you won’t even have to leave the bar.

Others include “I’m glad we stay mildly interested in each other’s lives,” “I’m not drunk enough to give you my real number,” and “Really great meeting you but I’m not currently in the market to make new friends.”

To think you used to have to send it all by text.

Paper Tiger


Disposable bags are none too popular these days, so it makes sense that we’d gradually replace them with more durable versions. Still, we’re a little surprised leather is getting so popular.

This faux-paper bag comes all the way from Rotterdam, which is far enough from Japan that we imagine they haven’t heard of this similar Postalco folder. As it turns out, the right dyes can make leather a pretty good sub for paper, and a more durable one at that.

Just don’t leave either of them in the rain.