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When the Paparazzi Had Grace

Brigitte Bardot and constable, Saint-Tropez, 1975

If you happen to be in Paris this month, drop by the Galerie Art District du Royal Monceau at the Royal Monceau–Raffles hotel, where you’ll find an exceptionally tasteful collection of celebrity photos from the ’60s and ’70s taken by Daniel Angeli, “father of the paparazzi.”

There’s a cerebral tone to Angeli’s shots, particularly when compared to the shit show of “gotcha” pics and videos littering newsstands and gossip sites these days. A code of sorts seems to be at play here—an invitation, rather than an interruption. Simply put, these are beautiful photographs of beautiful people in beautiful settings.

Here are a couple of our favorites...»

Gurkhas, Incarceration and Ad Sales


War Pants: Bruce Pask ponders the colonial charm of Gurkha pants. For the sake of our knees, we really hope this doesn’t catch on. [The Moment]

Blog on Blog Crime: Kanye gets arrested for another paparazzi altercation. When will they learn to live in peace? [Vulture]

Together at Last: Paisley and Tweed: Two great tastes that taste great together. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Who Watches the Trendwatchers?: Fashion mags feel the pinch in ad sales. We still blame crocs. [WWD]

Blame it on the Rain


The paparazzi get a bad rap, but as long as they’re on the side of chivalry, it’s not all bad. Take, for instance, this latest infraction by our own Daniel Craig, captured by the intrepid photogs of the Sun.

A brief lesson, if we may: A little rain never hurt anyone, but leaving your lady to soak may cause irreparable damage, as Mr. Craig is surely discovering now.

You never saw Roger Moore doing this sort of thing.