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The Changing of the Guard


Stop everything. Are you sitting down? Good.

Remember all those orange-colored socks and plates and credenzas you ordered last year, in celebration of Mimosa’s 2009 reign? Well, 2009’s over, so get rid of them. This is turquoise’s year.

We’re not thrilled to be honest—this new shade seems a bit too subdued to make much of an impact—and all that talk of it being “a color of deep compassion and healing” isn’t helping. But maybe we’ll like it better when we see it in the background of an Esquire cover.

Plus, by then we’ll have new socks.

Coloring Book


The old workhorse denim companies have taken their time catching up to the boutique acts, but it looks like they’re finally coming around.

This set of colored Levi's 501s is a step in the right direction, and it's in line with work they've been doing with 511s for years...but the colors seem a bit too primary for our tastes. It’s still impressive gear, especially the gray and yellow versions, but it would have been better if it were a bit more Pantone and a bit less...crayola.

We're not saying they need to jump on the Mimosa, but a few shades lighter on the green and a few shades darker on the red would have made them a whole lot more wearable.

A New Era


The big black raincoat has fallen out of favor lately, but it only takes a few well-placed tweaks to bring it back into style. In this case, it’s a few extra pockets and few sashlike tweaks around the shoulders.

We recently got a look at Endovanera’s upcoming A/W line and we thought we’d pass along a few of the better items, including this black Mafia Trench. On the heels of an Urban Outfitters collab, the label seems to be growing out of its black-on-black inclinations and into a broader range of styles, including a few nautical pieces.

Who knows; by next season they may even give Pantone a call.

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Coloring Book


Seavees is well on their way to becoming California’s finest shoe, but they’ve got more than sunshine on their mind.

The latest line (via Men.Style) is titled 9/63, in honor of the founding of color magnates Pantone. Of course, we’ve admired their work in the past, but we never thought we’d end up seeing them on a sneaker.

Unfortunately, they skip out on Mimosa in favor of seven more 60s-oriented color blends, but they’re richer choices than you usually see on footwear. It might be a bit hard to match, but this orange hue is our favorite. You’d better hurry if you like it, though: it’s a limited collection (as usual with Seavees), and only 1,963 are going on sale.

Dita’s Pics, Bruce’s Jeans, and the Broccoli that Dare Not Speak its Name


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The Color of Spring


It’s been a bit of a blue year…but soon that will all be behind us.

Pantone has just named Mimosa as the 2009 Color of the Year, replacing last year’s more muted Blue Iris. After all that time on post-it notes, we have to admit Mimosa’s earned it.

But while we’re not against a little sunshine (especially this time of year), it may get a bit old by the time June rolls around. No one wants sunshine all the time—at least not outside of Alaska.

The Colors of Winter


Turning antiquated staples on their head is an old game, but classics are still classics and Technicolor isn’t going anywhere…

Gloverall has been making duffle coats for more than 50 years now, meaning they were around for the post-war boom, the gradual decline and now the hipster-fueled revival. Of course, it wouldn’t be retro if there weren’t a twist, so these come in a Pantone-approved range of hues, from bright yellow to a muted aquamarine.

And, surprisingly enough, it all works. It’s tough to pull off a strongly colored coat, especially for men, but the payoff is worth it. We suggest picking up the red version and holding it for the coldest day of the year. We guarantee you’ll be the most colorful thing on the street.

(Thanks to High Snobriety for the dig.)

Blue Note


When we last checked in with Blue Iris, the tint had just been named Pantone’s Color of the Year. Capturing 2007’s peaceful, contemplative side, Blue Iris was going places, we just had no idea how many places.

Seen here modeling Thom Browne’s latest collection, Blue Iris has kept busy during his tenure as Color of the Year. Here’s a few of the places we’ve spotted the season’s hippest hue:

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Blue Ribbon

Pantone Iris

As if you hadn't already gathered from your osmotic relationship to the penumbra of trend that envelops us all, Blue Iris is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2008.

Following in the esteemed tradition of 2007 winner Chili Pepper (#19-1557), Iris (#18-3943) will be spending the year visiting children's hospitals, casino openings and runways everywhere. Grab yourself an Iris colored polo and, come spring, you can say you knew him back when he was just a baby blue. You know, before he got all full of himself.

Pantone Online