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The Spring Sock Grid

  • Najib Benouar

Not to belabor the point, but it’s still spring. Hence, we’re not into the sockless, throw-caution-to-the-warm-breeze weather quite yet. Odds are, you’re still spending some time in socks, but much like you’ve done with your sweaters, you should be ditching the wool for lighter, airier cotton knits. So we dug up the six finest cotton-blended specimens on the market right now, ranging from outrageously colorful to Breton-striped to linen-woven.

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A Gentleman’s Napwear

You might not wear it out on the town, but sharp sleepwear is among the more elegant things a gentleman can own. Case in point: this snap of bandleader Louis Jordan resting up before a show in a paisley housecoat. Not bad, sir.

Harajuku’s Finest


It’s the cardinal rule of blog style: everything’s cooler in Japan.

So we’re glad to see one of their premiere brands finally make the leap. For the last few years, Beams+ has been one of the better reasons to visit Tokyo, but SF’s Unionmade has managed to smuggle some of their best stuff into stateside ecommerce. Our favorites so far are this jersey blazer, this overdyed plaid oxford shirt, and this paisley tie, but there's plenty more where that came from.

And while it's a little pricey, think of all the money you're saving on airfare.

The Ties of Yore


An Affordable Wardrobe launched their online shop over the weekend, and we couldn’t resist a quick dip into the world of pennywise vintage. As with all thrifting, good judgment is key (the useful-seeming junk in someone else's closet can easily become the useful-seeming junk in your closet), but there are plenty of gems to be found—especially if you’ve got room in your closet for a few more unorthodox ties.

We’d start with this one, a densely patterned relic of the LBJ-era neckwear. The style might be familiar from some of Hill Side’s recent projects, but this one’s a full three inches wide, and the colors are a good deal darker than the Corsillo Brothers’ Hawaiian variations. The rules for pulling it off are mostly the same—a button-down oxford and the simplest odd-jacket you’ve got—but if you’ve got a velvet smoking jacket handy, now might be the time.

My Home is the Sea


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Gurkhas, Incarceration and Ad Sales


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