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The Paint-Splattered Look

Here’s your microtrend of the day: paint.

It started with this “Action-Painting Backpack” from Eastpak—a handsome take on an otherwise standard backpack. But no sooner did it appear in our RSS reader than a more ambitious project popped up, the one pictured to the left. It’s a full suit tailored from an artist’s drop cloth. That means those paint splatters are entirely random, just whatever drops happened to fall on the floor. The artist in question is Hugh O’Rourke, a New York-based painter who happens to be friends with the right bloggers-turned-tailors.

The drop cloth also means the fabric is a good deal rougher than what you’re used to from your tailor, but we’re guessing it goes over pretty well at gallery openings.

Painted On


We’re strong believers in the painted tie, as both an accessory and a way of life. It’s the whimsical end of the neckwear spectrum, professional in the way that sculptors and pastry chefs are professionals—and it only makes sense that Partners & Spade would make one of the best options.

These ties follow the basic tie playbook—diagonal stripes and tastefully small polka dots—but all the patterns are hand-painted onto canvas, which means you might find a few unexpected tremors spicing up those stripes. They’re on the quirky end, to be sure, but as long as you’re pulling off a jacket and tie, there’s a limit to how precious you can get.

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High Art


There have been a lot of different representations of Kate Moss over the years—most of the photographic, non-clothed kind—but this is one of the more ambitious ones.

Found at the Arts Gallery in London, it’s part of a larger series of portraits of gossip mag staples, done by painter Yuko Nasu without any knowledge of who the faces are. We can’t say much for the likeness, but we think they captured Ms. Moss’s essence pretty well.

Especially the swirling around the eyes…