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The Hat Box


Normally we wouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but since all travel kits are more or less the same, we feel a little better about choosing the one with the best box.

In this case, that means the latest package from Molton Brown. The inside is the usual travel essentials—shampoo, deodorant and so on—but what we really like is the shoe box-style exterior, adorned with what might be the most dapper x-ray we’ve ever seen. Consider it the next time your dopp kit’s at the cleaners.

A Taste of Honey


Surreptitiously disguised cheesecake has a long and distinguished history, but this is the first time it’s made it to the wine bottle.

Drink ‘n’ Stick is taking the old disappearing-swimsuit trick to the stodgy confines of the wine world with a peel-off bottle that appears respectable through the purchase process, but transforms into an elixir of Eisenhower-era smut once you get it home and peel off the outer plastic layer.

Pepsi can't be far behind.

In a Pinch


Building a better band-aid may be a lost cause at this point, but the packaging can always use a little sprucing up. And a better name…

Help Remedies makes two minor but crucial improvements over the drugstore brands. First, they change the color from a sickly beige to a medically pristine white. Then, they wrap the whole thing in a tastefully embossed pocket-size package, in case you pick up any nicks on the go.

Lighting Up


The art of packaging is making a serious comeback, thanks to Apple and a few other retail aesthetes. But what’s surprising is how much of it comes from homegrown shops in Etsy.

This comes from the Portland General Store, an Etsy outlet that caught our eye with their whiskey-scented shaving products, but the sampler pack is an accomplishment all its own. Instead of cardboard, they bundle their goods in a Dominican Hemingway cigar box, with a Mary Jane, candy cigarettes and (of course) a cigar tossed in for good measure, with a glossy pic of an anonymous older gentleman presiding over it all. It’s even more impressive since they’re putting it all together in a house in rural Maine—although they probably never want for cigars.

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