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Sneak Peek: Hickoree’s Summer Sample Sale

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


Sale season’s in the air, and the second annual summer sample shindig over at Hickoree’s is at the top of our weekend to-do list.

For today and tomorrow only, they’ve turned Floor Two into a pseudo-warehouse pop-up, packed to the beams with overstock and never-produced samples from five stellar NYC brands.

Designers from Stanley & Sons, Left Field, Battenwear, 8.15 August Fifteenth and The Hill-side will all be stopping by the scene, so there’s a pretty good shot you’ll be able to seek styling advice straight from the source.

We swung by last night to check the scene and found everything from swim trunks to trousers, shearling bombers, anoraks, henleys, oxfords, ties, tees and seriously handsome bags, among a host of other gems. They’ve even brought in a rack of goods for the ladies in your life by way of 8.15.

Here’s a closer look at what to expect...»

The Lion’s Share at Lyonstate

  • Najib Benouar

We’ve just got word that Alabama menswear shop Lyonstate is taking all of the handsomeness they’ve already got on their web shop, putting it on sale, and then slashing off an additional 25% (with the secret code “TAKE25”). Which puts some of these prices at the lowest we’ve seen for stuff from brands like Our Legacy (like this double-breasted blazer), Rachel Comey (like these oxford shoes) or Oliver Spencer (this fisher jacket, for instance) go for. There’s plenty more where that came from, so get after it, gentlemen.

Take a closer look at our favorites, after the jump.»

The Buckskin Stops Here

  • Najib Benouar

The clock is winding down. Your white bucks are mere days away from retiring to the darkest corner of your closet to hibernate till the sun comes out next year. And right on time for a substitution are these handsome navy suede Allen Edmonds plain-toe oxfords that’ve landed exclusively in the heritage aisle of Lands’ End Canvas (hat tip). They’re handmade in Wisconsin and, as a #menswear-friendly touch, come with two sets of laces—lime green or alabaster, depending on what the occasion calls for. Plus you can get away with wearing them sockless for as long as your ankles can stand the dropping temps.

Ovadia Arrives

Ovadia & Sons’ winter collection has been building buzz all year in menswear circles, but they’ve been slow arriving on e-commerce.

C’H’C’M’ has the best selection so far—seven items including a pair of gingham oxfords and winter-ready pants. It’s still just a taste, but it’s a kind of well-considered minimalism that you’ll be seeing a lot more of as the year rolls on.

For instance, if you take a closer look at the shawl-collared sweater, you’ll notice some unusually deep ribbing. That means it’ll conform to your body better, and a lighter garment will hold in a lot more warm air. It’s the kind of detail that has to be felt to be appreciated... but it does explain where all that buzz is coming from.

Far From the Tradding Crowd


Part two in our series on adventurous short-sleeved button-ups takes us to none other than Mark McNairy, who recently dropped this playful oxford shirt at streetwear powerhouse Dave’s Quality Meats over the weekend.

It’s an odd pairing on the face of it—this is the man who resuscitated J.Press, after all—but it follows a certain kind of post-Bixby logic, and it certainly doesn’t hurt the price point. The funhouse Brooks Brothers look is pretty timely at the moment, it’ll certainly keep you clear of the accountant look, and oxford cloth is still oxford cloth. By that measure, we’d say it’s a pretty good item—even if it’s a few steps ahead of where most preppies are these days.

Do or Dye


For all the emphasis on old-school production, the average shirt is still pretty homogeneous. No matter how distinctive they look on the runway, every single Band of Outsiders button-down will come out of the factory looking exactly the same. Pick one up, and there will be thousands more out there with exactly the same pattern. And, with the notable exception of raw denim, we’d guess true of every item in your closet.

But not these. In the DIY spirit, Blackbird put together a line of hand-dyed oxford shirts with know-how borrowed from a local dye shop called Earthhues. Each shirt was dyed in their Field House shop, and they’ve got watermarks and other irregularities to show for it—kind of like the distinctive wear patterns you worked so hard to cultivate on your jeans.

To the Limit


As heritage brands go, Quoddy has managed to keep its cred the old fashioned way: lots of small runs and lots of good shoes. The latest crop of Maliseet oxfords just landed at Winn Perry with a limited run in dark brown. They’ve also got the classic peanut-colored Maliseets and a navy and red brick sole version for the hip crowd, but something about the words “limited run” always gets our attention…

The Waterproof Oxford


This pattern’s popping up more and more these days, usually in canvas. But we’re always willing to try something new…

In this case it’s a Killspencer-ish ripstop fabric, courtesy of the British marque French Connection (via World’s Best Ever). A threaded check pattern softens the shine, but it’s still a bit of a dicey proposition. You can count on canvas for a simple, earthy feeling, but goretex will either come off as futuristic or just plain oily.

For just over $50 a pop though, you can probably afford to find out.

Up Front


There are big changes afoot in the sneaker world, but so far, it hasn’t been clear what was going to trickle down to the Reeboks and Converses of the world. But, opinionated gentlemen that we are, we have a thought or two on the subject.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present the canvas oxford. If it hasn’t gained serious ground in the shoe racks of the world by next summer, we’re going to be very disappointed.

We expound on the matter still further»

Staple Remover


Much as we love the risk-takers, most designers are judged by how they do with the staples. And our Mr. Benjamin is finally showing his hand…

This blue flax shirt from Benjamin Bixby is a pretty good start. It’s flat enough that it won’t stand out at most offices, but the fabric is stiffer than the usual oxford cloth, and the overdyed hue makes it stand out from the crowd just enough to matter.

Andre’s stated influence is Colonial India—which makes sense given the wash of the fabric—but to our eyes it looks more western than eastern. Are tortoise-shell buttons bigger in Bangalore than we thought?