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The Fishtail Has Landed

Todd Snyder’s been getting love for his fishtail overcoats ever since Fashion Week, but the first of the crop has finally made it to stores. Instead of that shearling it’s a spring parka, which happens to have a few extra inches of waxed cotton in back for a touch of white-tie elegance. If it’s raining that hard, you’ll need it.

An Ode to the Winter Coat

Winter is upon us, and for the next two months all your chances of surviving the outdoors turn on a single item: your winter coat. And since you’ll be brothers-in-arms until at least March, we thought we’d put together a few pictures showing off the best the winter coat has to offer—from classic duffels to mountain-ready waxed cotton coats. It’s going to be a good winter…

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The Kempt Guide to the Winter Coat

via Mighty Sword

You can take or leave most of the style advice we dole out. As cool as they are, you don’t need a checked blazer. You don’t need an advice-giving pen. But if you’re living anywhere that sees snow on a regular basis, you’re going to need a winter coat—and you’re going to be living with whichever one you choose for quite a while.

So choose wisely.

And to help you survey the territory, we’ve broken the world’s winter coats into three easy categories and singled out the best items in each one—starting with the most classic item in the bunch, the overcoat...

The three kinds of coat that matter...»

One More Layer

United Arrows

File this one under “one more for the road.”

On the heels of our layering guide to end all layering guides, we’ve come across another example of how it looks when it’s done right.

The look comes from United Arrows, effortlessly mixing a tartan scarf, cableknit sweater and densely graphic button-up. Even the overcoat’s colorful—at least by overcoat standards. If we manage to look this stylish once fall starts up in earnest, we’ll consider it a job well done.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Imran Amed

Not all navy blues are created equal.

Take, for example, this navy blue topcoat seen on Imran Amed, editor of Business of Fashion.

It doesn’t stray too far from the standard brass buttoned mold, but the shade of blue is just sharp enough to elevate it into brilliant territory. And it doesn’t hurt that he sets it off with an opposite-toned scarf. It’s a simple combination, but when you’re working with pieces this good, you don’t need to get complicated.

Coming off of a winter of bubbly parkas and coif-destroying hats, we’re about ready to call Mr. Amed the MVP of the season.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Timo Weiland

timoweilandmoth_crop.jpgvia GoaG

There’s a fine line between advanced layering and looking like a homeless person.

Timo Weiland is walking that line.

On a pure design level, the scarf-and-overcoat is the same thing you see on bankers and senators once December rolls around, but on Timo it seems a little more…adventurous. The semi-floral pattern pushes everything off kilter, into strange haute -formal territory where only fashion designers dare to tread. Depending on the lighting, the look changes from businessman to bag lady—exactly the kind of edge most designers are happy to adopt.

And of course, the shaggy beard and bewildered expression only help to sell it all. Anyone who can stay that aloof on a red carpet can wear whatever they want.

The Minimalist’s Overcoat


You might not know it from today’s swelter, but someday in the next few months, you’re going to be faced with a brisk, drizzly day that’s too wet for a blazer, too dry for an umbrella and too hot for the deep-winter parka.

And on that day, you will need something like this coat.

Designed by the hip minimalists at Folk, it’s part of the same treated cotton genus as Barbour and Belstaff, but it’s a little less impenetrable and a lot less heritage-minded. More importantly, it makes for a perfect outer layer—particularly if you leave the top strap unbuckled and show a little sweater.

And if you have a hat handy, now might be a good time to get it ready.

Dressing Up


In honor of the beginning of Fall/Winter (in shops not calendars, of course), we thought we’d call attention to this skewed overcoat from Vivienne Westwood that just arrived at Sefton Men’s boutique in London. It’s not a bad way to kick off the season, especially if you’re gearing up for a brisk yet uncannily refined winter.

And if you have a top hat handy…now might be the time.

A Very Large Coat


It’s still fall, so your thin, non-rumply coat will stand up for a while, but at some point things will get very very cold, and you’ll want something embarrassingly large to protect you from the elements. You may only wear it for a few weeks of the year, but when winter really kicks in, it’s an essential. (At least, for everywhere outside of California.)

This anorak from Danish designer Henrik Vibskov should fit the bill quite nicely. It’s a slicker Euro version of the duffel coats we usually gush about, but if things get slushy, you may be glad to have the update.

And the zipper, for that matter.

Objects of Desire


We’ve updated our must-haves—that’s the line of well-chosen items on your left—to bring in a new fall feeling and a helping hand for those of you scrambling for a good pipe. Add in some stomping boots, a classic holiday sweater and this rag & bone overcoat, and you should have enough swag to last you through the winter.

Consider your wishlists officially filled.