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You May Have Noticed: Overalls

  • Ilana Dadras
You May Have Noticed: Overalls

Here’s this week’s You May Have Noticed. It’s where one of our female partners-in-Kempt brings you some perspective on current women’s trends you may have seen, noticed and pondered for a second or two. Well, now it’s your time to be informed, and maybe score a couple points on your next date.

Think of her as your professor in Women’s Trendology. Today’s subject: overalls. Have a seat, and listen up, gents.

Smocked Up


Filson gets big-upped as a workwear staple, but it’s rare that you see them in the canvas, so to speak.

The Pursuit Aesthetic was admiring these Double Tin Bibs as the most fun piece of clothing they own, and we have to agree. There’s nothing like a good pair of overalls to buck convention, and it’s the rare bit of workwear that doesn’t run the risk of stifling in warmer weather.

Well played, gentlemen.