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Style Arc: André 3000

  • Najib Benouar


André 3000. André Benjamin. Possum Jenkins.

The man has gone by many names and worn many hats over the years (both figuratively and literally). And now that he’s reuniting with his better rap half to kick off Outkast’s long-awaited reunion tour this weekend at Coachella, we though it prudent to take an analytical eye to the man who has served as the group’s stylistic compass over the past 20 years (yes, really), six albums and countless suspenders.

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The Enemy


If you were waiting for a cockney-inflected counterpoint to Pitchfork’s recent decade-spanning mega-list, wait no more. NME just unveiled their 100 favorite discs (or possibly downloads) from the last ten years—each equipped with a few perfunctory links and a video—kicking off drunken arguments in pubs, schoolyards and hospitals throughout fair Albion.

The Strokes’ Is This It lands in the top spot, which we must admit is a pretty solid call. But to get you started in your own ranting, here’s a few outstanding grievances:

Did they really put Speakerboxx/The Love Below higher than Stankonia? And Bloc Party higher than either one? How many Damon Albarn side projects do they really expect us to listen to? And if they think we’ve forgotten how much they slagged Kid A when it first came out, they’re wrong.

Enjoy yourselves.

Better Be a Household Name


Not everyone gets to be a two-time MOTH, but with his Benjamin Bixby line finally hitting stores, we think Andre Benjamin (or 3000, if you prefer) may be on the verge of becoming a full-fledged style icon.

Part of his charm is the sheer oddball unlikeliness of his style. Who would think that the next big defender of preppy-dom would come from the world of hip-hop? Who would think that the space-invader hallucinations of the *Stankonia* years would morph into depression-era traditionalism? Celebrity clothing lines are usually inoffensive at best, but Benjamin is dodging those clichés the same way he dodged the clichés of late 90’s rap: with actual ideas.

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Miles and Miles


Our friends at UrbanDaddy put us onto this late 60s picture of Miles Davis—currently on sale in limited edition at New York’s Morrison Hotel Gallery—and it made us reconsider the man as an unlikely style icon.

For one, those sunglasses were custom-made, and should look familiar to anyone who’s walked around Los Angeles in the last few summers. (Then again, you probably mostly saw them on women.) Even if the afro-futurist look hasn’t caught on outside of a few Atlanta natives, Davis’ ideas about style deserve a lot more attention than they get.

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