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Nine Essential Upgrades to Your Camping Kit


Winter might not be officially over just yet—nine more days, folks—but you’ve probably already begun feeling the early effects of spring fever.

You can just see it all now: walks in the park, sundeck brunches, pickup softball games... and at some point, you might even toy with the notion of going that extra mile (or hundred) to set up camp and commune just a little bit extra with nature. For when that day comes, we’ve rounded up a few of the best ways to do it in style.

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Your Handsome Outdoor Adventure Essentials


You’ve been waiting what feels like forever to get back into your favorite high-impact fall sports...

Hiking. Mountain biking. Leaf peeping. (Fall foliage is very serious business.)

And now that the season’s in full swing, it’s time to get out there—equipped in some rugged gear that can take a beating. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for durability, so we’ve rounded up a base-layer-to-outerwear spectrum of high-performance options meant to both withstand a little roughing up and keep you handsome in the process—whether you’re summiting the local Everest or just going to the park for a pickup game of pigskin.

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