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Frolicking is Back in Season

The Great Divide: Esky splits up the menswear world into the heritage stuff and the disposable stuff. [Esquire]

The Holy Grail of Sneakers: An Oregon couple unearths the waffle iron that minted the soles of the very first Nikes. The Oregonian]

The New Ties: Hill-Side S/S ’11 is looking pretty good. [Secret Forts]

The Pitch: Inside the cricket season so far. Naturally, you’ll want to stay up to date. [Reuters]

Lucky Boots


Oregon’s really on a roll lately. Winn Perry—previously known as the northwestern source for Sovereign Beck ties—just reminded us that they’re also the northwestern source for Alden shoes, one of the best cobblers still producing shoes in America.

Naturally, the best work comes from the custom shop, but anyone passing through Oregon should stop by if they want to see what modern American leatherworking looks like. Of course, if you’re closer to New York, we know a place there too.

Land of Beards and Honey


Count this as another volley in the Battle of the Portlands: Portland, OR has been declared the most bearded in America by the presumptuously named Portland Monthly Magazine. As for whether they gain or lose points for it…you’ll have to decide for yourself.

The most shocking part is the range of beards the small city manages to accommodate. There’s the Anthrax-inspired chin bar, the bushy mountain man, and even a waxed moustache. Naturally, Maine has a few whiskers of its own, but we doubt they have this kind of range.

See some of Oregon’s finest whiskers»