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The Docks, Part Two


If last week’s appreciation of On the Waterfront left you jonesing for a jacket like the one Brando sports in the film, you’re in luck.

L. L. Bean’s signature line just worked their way around to Fall/Winter 2010, and they’re offering a pretty good replica, based on a coat that first emerged in their 1965 fall catalog, a little more than a decade after the film. It’s not the most on-trend thing you could buy, but it makes a pretty good case for being timeless.

The Docks


This handsome two-color screenprint comes from Alamo Drafthouse’s Rolling Roadshow screening series, which had the brilliant idea of screening On the Waterfront on August 20th at the same Hoboken docks where it was filmed.

They also picked up some ad love and industrial cred from co-sponsor Levi's...which might explain all the attention being paid to Brando’s note-perfect buffalo plaid jacket on the poster. (The revolver’s an optional accessory.)