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The Olympic Gear You Need for Winter Sporting

  • Najib Benouar


One of the best things that happens every Olympics is the trickle-down of all the new performance-enhancing gear that hits the market.

And after spending the past four years in the lab with the world’s greatest athletes, most of it ends up becoming available to the public. Which is great, should you be planning on any recreational alpinism in the near future—or looking for a little competitive edge at the annual company ski retreat. (This year, you’re going to crush the three-legged biathlon.)

So we’ve assembled the skis, parkas, precision rifles and other new gear designed to give mere mortals an Olympian edge...»

Ralph Lauren Unveils Team USA’s Opening Ceremony Uniforms

  • Najib Benouar


Behold: this is what our Olympians will be wearing during the Olympics opening ceremony in Sochi.

And we must hand it to Ralph, it’s surprisingly on-trend: the slimmed-down sweatpants, the turtlenecks, the hiking boots and the pièce de résistance: a shawl-collar cardigan spangled with stars, stripes and Olympic rings. (And, yes, everything’s Made-in-America.) The patchwork cardigan has “instant classic” written all over it—we can already envision the next generation of Ralph Lauren aficionados emptying their bitcoin accounts for one on the vintage market. The production is limited to 324 pieces, so you might as well invest in yours now.

But first, let’s take a closer look at how Team America will be dressed for Sochi, after the jump.»

Fanny François Has Mutant Football League Tryouts

  • Kempt Staff

All Around The World: More from the August issue, GQ recommends the best off-the-beaten-path European cities a stone’s throw from the usual tourist traps. [GQ]

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Snooooop… Lion?: Today will forever be marked in history as the day Snoop Dogg renounced his canine ways and began calling himself a Lion. [Vulture]

How the Dutch Do Summer Olympics

This was the scene outside Henry VIII’s Hampton Court Palace yesterday, moments after the women’s 250km cycling race blew through. Two Dutch gentlemen, the first ever to successfully pull off matching orange suits, were likely headed to a London-side victory gala for countrywoman Marianne Vos, who took gold in the race.

We suspect herring was served.

Cintia Dicker Loves Her New Rug

  • Kempt Staff

En Sun Guard: The gents at Esky have found a nifty product that will give your clothing a UV protective coating after a quick spin in the wash. [Esquire]

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Miranda Kerr’s Got Horsepower

  • Kempt Staff

Post-Toga: Details runs down the good, bad and ugly in Olympian style from 1935 to present. [Details]

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Karolin Wolter Doesn’t Quite Have the Knack of the Back-Zip


On the Table: Clearly, she is in need of some assistance. [Fashion Copious]

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Dany White is Playing the Field


Pastoralism: No matter how many times we see it, we never get tired of the “naked girl in a meadow” editorial shot. [Fashion Copious]

Dixieland: Billy Reid walks off with the GQ “Best New Designer in America” prize, possibly while wearing saddle shoes. More on this next week. [GQ Eye]

A Man for Both Seasons: An indepth look at one of our favorite must-haves, Ralph Lauren’s Olympic Committee-mandated gear. [Valet]

Don’t Tell Her: Whatever you’ve got planned for Valentine’s Day, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be less impressive than the Taj Mahal. Just saying. [Neatorama]

Kempt Man of the Hour: Anders Johnson


We happened upon this snap of skier Anders Johnson in Ryan McGinley’s amazing winter Olympics photospread and, after a little preliminary research, we’re ready to name him the first MOTH of the Winter Olympics. It’s got a lot to do with our enduring love of the chunky sweater, but honestly, the “never mind the snow” pose is cool enough to qualify him no matter what—especially now that large parts of the east blanketed in that same stuff. Well played, sir.