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The Sunglasses of Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

Now that we’re firmly in sunglasses season, we thought we’d turn our attention to one of the men who established shades as the effortlessly cool item they are today. Andy Warhol, take a bow.

And on the off chance you need to pick up a pair for this summer, we thought we’d run down a few of the man’s favorite frames, with a few glasses frames thrown in for good measure. And naturally, you'll want to know where you can get them...

A tour of Andy Warhol’s favorite frames, and their modern equivalents»

Last Year’s Frames


A certain kind of professorial glasses peaked around the 20s—so we’re happy to see Oliver Peoples indulging in a throwback or two. These are one of three frames from the newly launched Oliver Peoples Vintage collection—replicas of OP’s first collection in 1987, which were originally modeled after 20s-era deadstock. It boils down to intricate nosepieces and Indy-style tortoise shells frames—the opposite number to the thick-framed glasses making their way through the Williamsburgs of the world.

Rebecca Schwartz is Really Into Tropicalia


Reasons to Wear Glasses: In the latest Oliver Peoples spot, Devendra Banhardt lazes around an LA mansion, caressing his amazingly beautiful girlfriend and occasionally pausing to put on glasses. [Stereogum]

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Future’s So Bright


It’s a little too cold to be thinking about sunglasses at the moment, but maybe we just need to think warm thoughts. And grab a good pair of sunglasses…

These come from an Oliver Peoples offshoot called Mosley Tribes, and they should be hitting stores at about the same time you’re willing to go outside again. Around the time March and April roll around, these summery shades will be finding their way into window displays, and we’ll be among the first in line. We like their gingham model too, but somehow these take the cake.

Besides, the yellow reminds us of summer.

Richardson’s Pinups, Bad Gifts, and Progressive Cuisine


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