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Remembering Old Vegas

  • Najib Benouar

Yesterday, as the clock struck 12, the sun finally set on the last weather-beaten vestige of kitsch on the Las Vegas Strip: O’Sheas. Its date with the wrecking ball has been set—to make way for another well-scrubbed, LED-lit entertainment complex. Ironically, O’Sheas opened the same year as the Mirage—patient zero for the new wave of mega-casino-luxury-suite complexes we now know—but O’Sheas still had that old-school vibe: Edison bulb signage, a hokey theme, low-stakes blackjack tables. It was left in the dust before collecting its first ante—nostalgia for an age yet to come.

It’s got us feeling sentimental for a simpler time, when a wide-eyed young gentleman could wander down the Strip and stumble into a smaller, less daunting casino—one with all the familiar symptoms of his local dive—to cut his teeth at the cheap tables. That’s what old Las Vegas was like. Now everything looks the same.

So we dug up some pictures to celebrate the good old days...»

Get Severe


Men.Style just posted another of their ridiculously influential trend reports. This time around it’s titled “The New Severity,” and while it’s all new enough, we’re not buying the severity part.

As usual, the slideshow tries to trace the common threads between this season’s runway shows, items, and architectural projects, but when it comes time to tie the whole thing together, they come up short. Everyone who’s looked at a stock ticker recently is feeling severe, but all the Condé crowd can come up with on the runways is that there are a few more acute angles going around, and there’s an awful lot of gray and black. But…isn’t there always?

And if this Duckie Brown jacket projects anything but Old Vegas opulence, we’re certainly missing it.