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One Slick Can of Oil

  • Najib Benouar

If you managed to check off the first summer must-have on our list early (see: the vintage roadster to your left), it’s probably about time for an oil change. And luckily, Gear Patrol just tipped us off to a new, handsomely packaged motor oil that’s been specially formulated for classic cars. It’s a collaboration between German oil company Mathé and auto magazine Chromjuwelen—who’s to thank for the graphically pleasing labels—which should make for a fitting addition to any well-read garage (or gear-headed desktop).

At the Pump


Consider this your subculture of the day: Petroliana.

It’s the auctioneer’s term for vintage filling-station gear like this 40s Mobilgas pump—and a whole complement of it is going up for auction tomorrow. The haul includes a dozen vintage pumps, a handful of oil dispensers, a stuffed badger and a ’31 Ford Model A (more gushing here), collected by a Texas oil tycoon over the past few decades.

It’s not the most useful stuff (unless you’re putting a home garage together), but it calls up the era of boat-sized sedans and cheap gas better than just about anything. And if you really want to see it in action, you can always retrofit it to electric.



For a little over four years, Dubai has grown in the public’s imagination as the Vegas of the middle east, where Islamic devoutness could forge a local truce with unrestrained capitalism and a flood of oil money could fund obscenely ambitious construction schemes. But now that the boom times are over, the idea of a luxury oasis is seeming a lot shakier.

The Telegraph recently devoted 1500 words to cataloguing Dubai’s troubles, but the gist is familiar enough: lots of construction debt, less money than they thought, and a dwindling supply of optimism. The buildings are still going up, but no one is sure how they’ll pay for it all…at least until oil prices go back up.

Somewhere, Dana Thomas is smiling.

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