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RIP George Jones

  • Najib Benouar

George Jones

Sad news for honky-tonk and the music world in general: George Jones has passed on.

The man was a bona fide living legend and exactly what you wanted out of a country star—even if it wasn’t always the healthiest way to live. His reputation preceded him (Waylon Jennings once sang, “He may be, unconsciously, the greatest of them all”) and we may never see another like him.

So in faring him well, we’ll leave you with a few iconic photos of the tough, often lovelorn man they called “Possum.”»

Best New Watches for Spring, Thatcher’s Mysterious Hashtag and Smelling Natural

  • Kempt Staff


Time In: GQ rounds up the best new watches for spring under $600.

Thatch Tag: While the gravity of the loss of Margaret Thatcher was not lost on most people, the Cher fans of the Twitter world were left guessing.

That Smell: In the event you’d like to smell like the resplendent outdoors at all times (and especially when indoors), Valet has got the goods.

Too Young: The transformative tale of one of the earliest Gmail accounts, courtesy of The New Yorker.

Stylish Dictators, a Significant Moment in Menswear and How to End a Conversation

  • Kempt Staff

River Phoenix

Despot On: Esquire mourns the death of dictatorial style with the passing of Hugo Chávez.

Going Ham Leg: Peeking into the New York loft of world-renowned chef Seamus Mullen.

Private Eyes: Wax Wane dissects what might be the greatest menswear line of the past decade, from long-lost label Number (N)ine.

The Endgame: While they’ve taught you many tricks to the nuance of stimulating conversation, Art of Manliness now tackles how to end one.

The Morning Edition

  • Kempt Staff

From the Feet Up: Esquire gives us a whiff of the newest offerings from shoemaker Berluti... for above the ankle. [Esquire]

Menswear Gets Weird: A particularly spot-on countdown of the most important menswear moments of the past year. [Four Pins]

Winning Time: And just in case you were wondering who “won 2012,” here’s a very scientific breakdown of that. [Grantland]

In Memoriam: An insightful reflection on the great people we said goodbye to in 2012—from spaceman to Beastie Boy. [NY Times]