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Windows, Mustaches and the Dear Departed


Window Shopping: You can always count on Agent Provocateur for a good window display. [Racked]

Raiding the ‘Stache: Kempt favorite David Colman takes up the cause of the mustache. Fair warning: the first sentence may include the word “manscaping.” [NYTimes]

Seeing Red: Song or no, red shoes are still pretty fantastic. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Sons and Daughters: Sad News: the impeccable tailors at Obedient Sons are shuttering. They have a new label in the works, but we’re sad to see this one go. [Men.Style]

Kanye, Banksy, and Sex Addicts


Taking Notes: A few lucky bloggers stumble across Kanye’s notebook. Warning: the veracity of the document has been questioned. [FormatMag]

Sons and Daughters: Our old pal rounds up the fashion week showing from Obedient Sons. Apparently they’re less obedient this year. [Refinery29]

Out in the Streets: A user’s guide to Banksy. Step one: move to London. [WebUrbanist]

It’s Hard Out There for a Sex Addict: A sobering look at sex addiction in America. Remarkably, Tom Ford goes completely unmentioned. [NYT]

Fashion Week Hangover #3


Continuing with our top-ten New York Fashion Week countdown, we've got to tip you in on who we left out. Adam Kimmel was at Pitto Uomo, like so many of the best New York designers. For Kimmel, though, the tradeshow became a personal graduation party, so this year he looses his city privileges this season. Ralph transcends lists, Obedient Sons (love 'em as we do) took a turn for the slouchy, and Mr. Thom Browne, well, he's in a class by himself. On with the list...

6. DKNY:

You were still playing Contra when Donna Karen was a growing concern. Retired and now renewed, Karen is still a considerable name and her DKNY (see above) remains a good source for office-proof, stylish essentials. The black cardigan, slate blazer and raincoat are subtly sly and everything else manages to stay within the lines of trend and classic elegance without attracting too much attention. For those of you who tread lightly and carry big sticks. [Men.Style]

And #5 is...»

Initial Thoughts


"All mankind is running to monograms this year," wrote the New York Times Style section in June, 1902 (click for the fin-de-si‚àö¬Æcle puff piece.) Apparently, monograms were the pants or ties of the age. Since then, what originated with the crests of kings became a not-so-subtle talisman of status more than style, practical in white-collar and dry-cleaning Post-War days and was eventually almost extinguished by the rise of the logo. Granted, monograms have been mostly the provenance of oil-executives since the Patrick Bateman era, but that's no reason not to dapple in initialization…