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The Mighty Oak


New York’s Oak is taking a shot at recession-friendliness with their new mini-web store A.Ok.

Of course, there’s already an ongoing 60% markdown on a few items, but this particular corner of their online store is dedicated to finds under $100. For now, the men’s pickings are limited to t-shirts, slippers, sunglasses (like the quay shields pictured above) and the occasional duffel bag, but we hear there’s more in the pipeline, and if the women’s items are any indication, they should be worth the wait.

Covered Up


It’s getting blustery out there, but there are still lots of options if you don’t want to give in to the synthetic parka just yet.

Fashion Indie just tipped us off to Harmon, a grayscale-prone line that just had the good fortune of landing at Oak, the most-favored boutique for downtown Manhattan fashion-heads. We have to say, it was a good pickup. They might be too forward for non-hipsters, but the duffle coat has been in great need of an update for some time, and these folks seem primed to give it one. Of course, if you’re willing to give the parka another try, we could recommend a place for that too.

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Oak, Fashion Week and the inexorable march of time


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Ecco Domani, More OAK and a Big Hickey



Perfect Harmony: In a meeting of oft-misunderstood, semi-reliable, ex-druggie geniuses, director Harmony Korine is the new face of Marc Jacobs. [Kitsune Noir]

A Leg Up: See which young designers just got an infusion of Ecco Domani Foundation funds. [Cynana Trendland]

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Black Watch

Black Friday


Put on your helmet and get ready to throw down: Black Friday is nigh. Granted, the aisles will be packed and you're more likely to get a deal on a flatscreen than a peacoat—but there are still sales worth a survey. Good luck and Godspeed.

Giorgio Fendon 1919: Great deals on sleek black and orange briefcases and luggage.
_63 West 49th Street, Manhattan, 212-582-3232, www.giorgiofedon1919.it_

Cockpit: 75% select styles from this young, adventurous, imperialistically inclined line.
_652 Broadway, Manhattan, www.cockpitusa.com_

Bloomingdale's: Along with heavy discounts, Bloomies is offering $15 dollar gift cards for every $100 spent.
_1000 3rd Avenue, Manhattan, 212-705-2000, www.bloomingdales.com_

Barney's: Suits at Co-Op sale prices.
_660 Madison Avenue, Manhattan, 212-826-8900, www.barneys.com_

Oak: Not a "Black Friday" sale _per se_, but at 15%-20% off for select merchandise, it's a better bet than slugging it out at Macy's.
_208 North 8th Street, Brooklyn, 718-782-0521, www.oaknyc.com_