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Kate Moss: A Nudity Retrospective

  • Kempt Staff

Kate Moss

Last week, we heard from someone, who heard from someone else, who heard from her hairstylist, that Kate Moss will be toplessly gracing the cover of Playboy’s upcoming January 2014 issue.

You know, all reliable sources.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re very excited about it. Though it is kind of a long time to wait for a girl who hasn’t exactly been nudity-averse for the majority of her career.

So, in the interest of holding you over until the—ahem—spread comes out next year, we’ve compiled 65 of Kate’s least clothed moments for your viewing pleasure, after the jump...»

Juju Ivanyuk Just Wants to Dance

  • Kempt Staff

Street Style of Yore: Some menswear lessons to be learned from pre-WWII postcards depicting some surprisingly dapper fellows. [Permanent Style]

Far Beast: Club Monaco has finally opened its first men’s shop—but it’s in Hong Kong. Luckily, Hypebeast was on hand to report. [Hypebeast]

Hop to It: Grantland interviews Pulitzer Prize–winning author Junot Díaz the only way they know how: by barhopping. [Grantland]

And Now: A slideshow of famous authors in their skivvies (you can thank the Poles for this). [Melville House]

The Old World


We’re strong supporters of art that involves nudity, so we couldn’t let this one slip off the radar. The London Times reports that photographer and mass-nudity enthusiast Spencer Tunick has incited a clothing-free gathering in Salford, England, supposedly as a tribute to the iconic North English illustrator L. S. Lowry. Whatever you say, Spence…

More Nude Moss, Karolina’s Smooth Belly, and Hitting it Big in Laos


It’ll Last Longer: The market for nude photographs of Kate Moss has not been affected by the recession. Maybe she should get her own commodity market? [Luxist]

Navel Affairs: Karolina Kurkova sparks a nascent no-navel pride movement. We can’t wait for the movie version. [Jezebel]

Laotian Idol: The path to Laotian pop stardom may be shorter than you think. [L.A. Weekly]

Cover Your Heart!: Retiring or no, Anna Wintour will still devour your soul. [Gawker]

Nudity, Innocence, and Albinism


As Long as it’s Vital to the Plot: Eva Mendes wants to “push the envelope” even further than her scandalous Calvin Klein ads. We’re happy to hear it, but unless we’re mistaken, there isn’t much more to take off. [WWD]

An Innocent Man: Kanye is freed…but the real camera smasher is still walking the streets! [Kanye West’s Blog]

Albinism is the New Black: The only black man on the runway for Patrick Ervell albino. Somehow, this is a victory for diversity in fashion. [NYT]

Crouching Panda: Wondering what Slovenian post-structuralist Slavoj Zizek thinks of Kung Fu Panda? Now you know. [Vulture]

Kanye Blogs, Tom Poses and Colin Get Pikey

angela_crop.jpgAngela Lindvall

Angela Lindvall Buck Naked: Get the (NSFW) picture? [Goldenfiddle]

We Can Relate: Kanye West is an under-appreciated fashion blogger, which, along with the beats, Benjamins and biddies, makes him exactly like us. [Gawker]

Extra Yards: Loser quarterback of the losing New England Patriots, Tom Brady to slip on briefs for money. Loser. [NYPost]

There Goes The Neighborhood: The Garment District is on deathwatch. Where oh where will we go for our $20 velour tracksuits? [Observer]

Resurfacing: SubMercer, the famed semi-secret bar under the Mercer Hotel, where a certain someone once practiced her poll dancing for a certain video, to open for friends and family. Invite us any time. [Timeout via The Moment]

Natty Dread: Coby Kennedy is just trying to do what he do. [NYMag]

From The Caravan to The Red Carpet: Colin Farrell does "traveller chic," a definite diss in the Queen's English. [Showbiz Ireland]

Emerging Economy: Despite having birthed a few billion souls, China is just now figuring out this whole sex thing. [Sun Times]

Always Bet on Black: Irony does not always redeem the white tuxedo. [The Independent]