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Penelope Cruz Cannot Be Tamed by Writer-Directors


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State Secrets


Everyone’s got a few photos kicking around that they’d prefer didn’t see the light of day. But apparently Carla Bruni has more than most. And they may have fallen into the wrong hands…

One of the French first lady's exes, Raphael Enthoven, was holding onto a few “highly intimate” mementos of their time together, but last night a group of highly motivated thieves broke into the apartment where the photos were being kept and made away with the priceless stills. It’s troubling news for anyone with an interest in state sovereignty and the sanctity of nude photography.

If the secret service can’t keep a few photos out of the limelight, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Glenn Livin'

  • Jared Paul Stern


Though we haven't reviewed the mag in its entirety, the outlook is good for the Style Guy's first fully revamped issue of *Interview* (September), which is about to hit newsstands. We should have known Ye Olde O'Brien would make things a lot more interesting.

In lieu of the endless fawning profiles of Elton John that cluttered up the pages under the previous regime, we now have full frontal nudes of Kate Moss. The snap here, by fashion photog duo Mert and Marcus, accompanies an interview penned by—you guessed it—Glenn O'Brien.

Because what's the good of being editor if you can't grab all the plum assignments for yourself?