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Elisabeth Moss Is Both Good Cop and Bad Cop

The Long Goodbye: On the 15th anniversary of Biggie’s death, Complex tracks down an LAPD detective to explain how it happened. The takeaway: they know who did it, but could never prosecute. [Complex]

Opening Someone Else’s Mail: Drew Magary opens Glenn O’Brien’s mail and has a somewhat different response to the sartorial queries. [Deadspin]

Fuel Troubles: A full-spectrum review of the latest workout gadget, the Nike+ FuelBand. [The Verge]

The Sneaker Beat: And just to keep things balanced, here’s Adidas’s latest kicks. [Hypenotice]

The Music Lovers


MTV just launched the web-video branch of its empire, with its whole archive available to stream and embed for bored office workers and link-happy bloggers everywhere. They're still ironing out the kinks—meaning half the videos will simply refuse to load—and it has the same problems MTV has always had (too mainstream, too much R&B, nothing by the Buzzcocks) but it’s worth spending a few minutes digging the archives.

At least, if you have a set of headphones handy…

A few of the highlights, according to Kempt»